1. Nice, beautiful, easy to installGood quality, is installed for a long time, finally cut off part of the rubber was installed.

    Fit the size is appropriate, quality and workmanship are very good, very satisfied

    Very good decoration, is the brake pedal too … … too difficult to install, tired of my straight Pant
    Baby really good, the seller is also very awesome, she will introduce friends to buy!
    Things are very good, just the size of the well, well, well.
    Nice, beautiful, easy to install

  2. The opening was not closed set of...As always good
    High quality and inexpensive
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Great, at the beginning also wonder how so long, the original design is enough to turn

    The opening was not closed set of protective sleeve. Not silicone, not silicone, is the ordinary rubber material. In a standard Shimano BH90 brake line tube above can wrap the circumference of about 270 degrees, a large hole in her, afraid of falling down

  3. Send it's a little deformation...Baby received, in kind and pictures in line, the future will patronize, all five-star.
    Than the original good breaking brake more than a start can not be locked, tiny but adventitious quantity, a few days after the normal, good performance and quiet, very good
    Is not installed on the use, but the line is genuine
    Well, that's a match

    Please test disc is smooth without prior to installation, after installation of other factors will lead to incomplete parallel disc!
    Send it's a little deformation after the installation disc is partial, how to adjust the rub disc.

  4. Not bad, on the installation,...This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    To male friend, the quality can be, is the accelerator pedal is difficult to assemble, with half an hour to complete, after the installation is still very good.

    Good to look good ah

    Not bad, on the installation, there is a faction! Praise, five-star praise!

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