1. Logistics soon. No taste. Very...The taste is very strange is the smell of a bubble blowing water makes it easy to suspect that the clothes in the end what process
    Not yet, but it looks good. It's worth the price
    Size appropriate, cost-effective also good
    Very soft, not how to lose hair
    The quality of the clothes is very good, not to tie the hair, feel very good, the seller is also very good attitude, the annual transport express I often urge, but the seller has been very responsible, contact the courier company to speed up, you should be

    Logistics soon. No taste. Very warm. Quite like. Praise.

  2. Oh, that's a nice new dressGood color a little thin
    Bang Bang Da good love good quality feels very comfortable rub
    The quality is good and the color is very good
    Clothes look good, quality can be. Very easy to match
    The quality is very good, like it, really like it, very comfortable to wear it, with a very good clothes, shoes are also very good to take it, the seller is a good attitude
    Oh, that's a nice new dress

  3. The clothes are very nice, pretty...Upper body effect is very good
    Very good, the color is very positive, very like, support
    Good for a friend
    I did not expect the 11 logistics so fast, received quite like, wear out the effect is good, praise
    Logistics is coming soon, the service is good, the color of the clothes is the same as the picture. Pretty good
    The clothes are very nice, pretty and comfortable

  4. Colleagues can also buy qualityThe sweater is very comfortable, beautiful and lovely.

    Received the same clothes, and is a real figure, a little habits, the color is, but I may not suitable for this color.
    The clothes are very good, inexpensive, not very soft, collar is just the same, that is, the sleeves are large openings. Ha ha, but this year, this popular, the overall satisfaction, customer service is also very patient to help me change the color
    Forget the comments, the clothes look good, relaxed leisure
    Pilling, deformation.
    Colleagues can also buy quality

  5. Help colleagues buySon love
    Good pants
    Not so bad。 Loose
    Pants received, good quality
    Second, the other will not say.
    Help colleagues buy

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