1. Style consistent with the...Clothes received, gold coins to buy, good quality.
    The clothes are very good
    Good clothes, the family said it is very appropriate
    Good clothes, the family said very much like
    The clothes are good, dad likes it
    Style consistent with the description of the business, comfortable to wear.

  2. Clothes can be, good-looking, no...Fabric a little hard, but also
    The clothes are very nice too satisfied


    The style is very nice, very fashionable dress.
    Clothes can be, good-looking, no one.

  3. Too loose to wearThe clothes are very beautiful and very soft
    The color is very beautiful, put on the color, praise
    Very nice velvet! In the stockpile!
    Very soft texture, feel very good, very beautiful style!
    Too loose to wear
    Too loose to wear

  4. This is for my father to buy, it...This directly sent home, did not see the kind, dad said just fit
    The clothes are very thick, dad said it was warm
    The clothes are very good and very love does not fade.
    The two day is cold, and the sweater has been received
    Try it on. It feels good
    This is for my father to buy, it is suitable for him to wear, simple and generous.

  5. As in the past to 5 points (* o *)...Upper body very good-looking.
    Pay the money found only two days back can be reduced by fifty Oh, sang heart, clothes, as always, good
    The color of a little old, touch.
    Suitable size, good quality.
    To buy his father, not the upper body.
    As in the past to 5 points (* o *) oh oh

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