1. Good quality!Pants received, the quality is very good, very like
    It's too big
    Good pants, and comfortable, come again next time! Thank you
    Logistics quickly, wearing a very comfortable, big love, surprise, really good also want to buy!
    Just received the goods, opened a look, very wrong
    Good quality!

  2. Good, soft, loveVery cute
    Very cute and lovely
    Very cute
    Very cute
    Very cute and lovely
    Good, soft, love

  3. Trousers quality good, no...Very good also does not fade
    The quality is good, the price is cheap, comfortable to wear.
    Express soon Oh, good quality, the size is very suitable.
    The quality is good, the color is very nice. Comfortable wear! Suitable for thin girls wear!
    Decolorization, ha ha. Send information is not back. Drunk
    Trousers quality good, no defective goods, today bought.

  4. Very good likeComfortable to wear
    The second purchase, yes, like.
    I like it very much
    Not bad。 Logistics is a bit slow
    This is pretty good
    Very good like

  5. Color is not rightDid not receive the goods on the price of the ~ ~ spent more than two times the price ~ feel cheated as bad!
    Did not send things. No reply
    Not how small a size
    Not how small a size
    No good goods
    Color is not right

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