1. Poor quality, workmanship is very...In good and I it so love quality much!!
    Pretty good! Pretty good! Thank you for the seller, the baby is very delicate, very like
    Great stuff, acupuncture treatment is also very good, has posted a good line, look forward to

    Very good seller gave marking needles
    Good quality!
    Poor quality, workmanship is very rough, is not worth the price, Taiwan screws tighten also shaking badly, do not wear, especially low base, even the normal proportion is not enough, long skirts do anything, mainly is the attitude is particularly poor, do

  2. Very good tool is complete, this...Yes, well
    The film quality is good, although their bad points, home bathroom door between the two fan lap is not too good to start, but the whole can stick. I think it should be no problem, gifts are very useful, recommended to buy
    Stick a little can not see, good.

    Stick a little can not see, good.

    Baby received, the distribution of tools is also good, is a friend introduced me to shoot oh!

    Very good tool is complete, this time not afraid of bathing Suidiao, bang bang da!

  3. A little tasteCan also be that the taste is relatively heavy, but also a whole, to cut their own
    Something good. A little taste, good ventilation for a few days.
    Good and practical, just paste to eat snacks!
    Online shopping for 16 years, I have never seen such a poor courier, even almost to the genius of 20, a lot of time to delay me, really want to give a bad review, but it is not easy to do business, or to praise it!
    Posted good results, very good looking, but their own technology is limited, and some places do not paste
    A little taste

  4. Not so good publicityNot bad, pretty
    Good. I like it, too
    Very good, fast
    Forget to take pictures, general
    One week! Whole week! This is it! Thank goodness! Awesome packaging without damage, transparency can also, the cylinder mouth smooth, small hands can go in. But! This logistics! Really slow! Slow! Slow!

    Not so good publicity

  5. Five stars are worth a lot of...Very very good, heavy, crystal, beautiful appearance, the price is also affordable. Gifts are not in place, something good, this can be ignored.
    Vase quality is very good, very satisfied, pro assured purchase

    It was really beautiful, and the pots were all crystal

    One breath bought two very beautiful satisfaction

    Very good shopping, the quality is very good, very beautiful!

    Five stars are worth a lot of valuable

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