1. Seller's attitude is very good,...15 days buyers did not evaluate
    Will come again
    It's pretty good
    Pants are good
    Yes, feel good value for money!
    Seller's attitude is very good, buy big immediately to change

  2. Like this patternThe legs of a small one and a large one … … style is good ~
    The quality of the trousers is especially beautiful, Bang Bang Da, Home Lighting Co., real beauty picture than thiophene WOW

    Super like, fabric comfortable, comfortable summer wear!
    The trousers don't fit
    Pants look good
    Like this pattern

  3. Affordable and a good...Pure brocade, good quality, just received, do not know do not fade. After washing and then review.

    Good quality, just wear, buy a send a very cost-effective!

    Pants are good, is a little smaller! When you buy it, buy a bigger one.

    Just received on the evaluation of the quality can be the color of the picture Oh

    This price, too cost-effective, looks good, the recent cold can not wear, try a few days

    Affordable and a good recommendation

  4. 15 days buyers did not evaluateReceived, like oh
    Is the second time to buy, the quality of style have not say, it is worth buying
    The waist and leg too much direct wear.

    Very good-looking! I love these pants

    Very good-looking! I love these pants

    15 days buyers did not evaluate

  5. I don't wear a little pudgy effect...Very good, very love, I eat a little tight, I need a few days.
    Look good
    The United States is dead ~ very suitable for travel wear ~!

    It's better to look good, if you have a belt
    Also look at the style of a low cost material, such as the general holiday back to see how the results of the camera
    I don't wear a little pudgy effect ha ha ha

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