1. The clothes are especially handsomeThe clothes are bad

    The number is too large, idle, can not wear, there are l code can contact me, the new can not wear!
    Baby received too beautiful super like, thank you boss.
    This casual coat for my husband to wear is awesome, very temperament, and the fabric is good, the price is cheap, just the right size, the United States and the United States, worth buying, the seller attitude, the next time to buy.
    Baby received, very good, boyfriend like, upper body effect is good
    The clothes are especially handsome

  2. Good like this reflection, the...Baby received, the seller is very good service, delivery quickly, the size of the clothes fit very well to wear very comfortable clothes do not have any taste, the package is very good comment on the

    Logistics fast! The clothes are made of good materials and are very comfortable to wear. A receipt in the evening running on the use, it is praise.
    Praise, the quality is good, wear all say good-looking, brother like
    Good clothes wear reflective vests not bragging grades have increased by the seller or express quickly this is key
    Very good quality. Waterproof fabric. Travel is very easy to use! Especially for me, I never take an umbrella!

    Good like this reflection, the effect is really great, I specially took two different lights, good like, must give praise, this price is worth. It's love, especially to a word, wow kaka.

  3. Poor quality booksWash, will not fade.
    Wash, will not fade.
    Baby, I got it. I love it.
    Good, better than imagined. Comfortable to wear
    Clothes can not wear, ugly!
    Poor quality books

  4. Excellent! Chromatic...Texture is very good, cost-effective, very thick

    There is a texture of a skirt, so that the price is to buy a profit, the seller recommended the size of the right to wear, five-star praise.
    Nice dress. It's so thick. I love it

    The skirt is very good, the skirt cloth is also very thick, the work is also very good, the physical distribution also very quickly does not have the chromatic aberration, after putting on the atmosphere
    Treasure the water received, good material, is the hem is too big, the friend said can take in shorts???
    Excellent! Chromatic aberration... All right? Quality... Okay? The point is! Warm (ω????) &Sigma (||| beautiful; at |||)

  5. Baby good.It looks good, to the family to buy, anyway, she likes it, huh, huh
    The color is a bit dark, but the style is beautiful
    Color is very positive
    Color is very positive
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Baby good.

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