1. This shoe is also good, very good...- five days of military training to leather shoes have worn away the distressed, the best shoes take a yard, is really small. A wide range of feet can be a big shot
    Fortunately, the shoes are too small, just wear the time to cut the feet, wearing a long time on the right
    Overall good second times in this shop to buy the last quality is very good hope that this is still the case

    Nice to say roommates are very beautiful, the price is not expensive, very worthy of all-match ah ~ ~ white shoes
    Very good feeling very satisfied with the light may be because of the problem of light so a little color I like to start again oh

    This shoe is also good, very good to take clothes, shoe is flattered, into a piece of rotten, hope the store to get her a good shoe.

  2. Baby received a good soft leather...Good-looking, do not recommend fat fairy feet
    Feet on the comfortable, there is a certain thickness, good
    Stir fried chicken, especially soft sole
    The shoes are a bit heavy. The other is round toe
    To buy my mother, very fit, lightweight, satisfaction
    Baby received a good soft leather bottom

  3. This is eighth pairs of shoes, the...The quality is good, do not wear feet
    Because of their good wear, bestie see also want to buy, buy this for bestie, he is love
    Look good
    The baby is very good. Especially like this pair of shoes, the next will patronize.

    Before buying a pair of nice, all-match

    This is eighth pairs of shoes, the quality is still the same, like

  4. Baby right size, color is very...Dressed in a day to evaluate, very good, comfortable to wear the right size, like this
    Can start to think long, but still can wear. Praise
    Baby received, the quality is good, the size of the right, logistics quickly, the seller is very good service
    The shoes received, let the husband tried on, he said very well, than the store is cheap, convenient, do not go to the store, you can see the direct so good shoes in the online store, happy shopping
    Shoes are very satisfied, her husband put on a very good look, the color of the election, the quality is good, the key is comfortable, the price is also very cost-effective, praise!
    Baby right size, color is very bright tide, wear on the foot comfortable, Mei Da, and good permeability, white lace with gangster shoes, very eye-catching

  5. Very good, comfortable to wearThe shoes are of good quality and very comfortable
    Logistics was soon sent to Oh, not what smell, try the next very fit
    Good all-match.
    Shoes work very well, the price is affordable, quite worth it
    The shoes fit well!
    Very good, comfortable to wear

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