1. goodWire rod with cap is good, to have to buy only 4 TC cap, some money is required, the seller a user, how much trouble!
    Fast delivery, has been received, and have no time to unpack.
    Boss fast delivery! Good quality, this is the fifth time I bought, very satisfied!
    Very good quality. The price is very affordable.
    Genuine licensed home should not bad

  2. Yes, super satisfied.This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Not bad, the installation of a good, simple installation, their own, the effect of satisfaction
    Sorry to be late. The car hasn't arrived yet. Pay first.
    Baby is very good, it is recommended
    A very satisfactory shopping! The quality of a product, and Tmall store, but the price is really cheaper than two, customer service before buying and buying the same, there is also the problem of active telephone solution (especially small officer so caref

    Yes, super satisfied.

  3. Very good, very suitableI like to get a good baby sitting

    There is not one of the three trams in my house! This is what you as a design, sit on meet the baby cries WAA, suggestions treasure the mother to go to the store to buy, buy back not useless,
    Yes, easy to install, value for money
    Installed on what is appropriate, the baby anxious to do

    Yes, a lot of convenience
    Very good, very suitable

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