1. Size fit good quality and high...We are sorry to be delayed by the weather. We will deal with it seriously. Thank you for your support
    Took a pair of pants for eleven days
    Good color! Logistics express! Beyond imagination?
    Quality is very good, more than expected, it is worth buying.
    Cheap easy to use
    Size fit good quality and high cost performance

  2. Baby received, good quality, size...Pants quality is very good, the price is really worth comparing, I intend to buy 200. Express is also very fast, very satisfied with a shopping!
    Praise, but the code number of partial large and wide, relatively poor fabric,,,
    Dad dressed up and bought another one
    Bought third times, my husband as a work clothes to wear, really good
    The material is very cheap, but the trousers don't know how.
    Baby received, good quality, size is also suitable for the spring and autumn wear

  3. Not imagined thickThe quality is absolutely comfortable to wear
    The quality is absolutely comfortable to wear
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    It's really nice to wear nice clothes
    The quality is good
    Not imagined thick

  4. Warm and comfortable pants look...The winter in Beijing can not wear long johns.
    Fake, not lamb velvet
    Comfortable and warm wear is not bloated
    Second times to buy, no pilling, good wear
    A slight color difference, is a deep blue, but also quite good. Dad satisfied.
    Warm and comfortable pants look good

  5. Stylish pants are nice.Things are almost the same, not very thick
    Very good. It's cotton.
    Things are good, is to buy a small.
    Fabric is good, feel good, value for money!
    Large size difference
    Stylish pants are nice.

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