1. Logistics is very fast, packing is...Has bought second times, to buy her mother, said her mother wearing comfortable, very light, it is important to slip.
    Grandma said very comfortable, walking light
    The quality of the lever, wear both lightweight and comfortable, the color is my love.
    Shoes are of good quality. Very comfortable to wear. As described by the seller. Mother likes
    The size of the shoe is just right, comfortable to wear and easy to walk. Price is not high, cost-effective
    Logistics is very fast, packing is very good, no damage. Customer service attitude is very good, patiently explained. Baby is very good, as described, the quality is very good. Comfortable to wear, good style, my mother likes it, thank you!

  2. Feel good.Wear a good, very good, very good, the price to buy this kind of shoes is pretty good!
    Just two days before the beginning of the degumming, I lost
    Shoes are not real leather do not know can also look at the delivery speed of a word fast
    Feel good.
    [[] [] treasurer treasurer treasurer reply reply reply]: our baby for eight days no reason to return! Support the national three package policy! Not to be damaged or worn improperly! Guaranteed return!!! Not to be damaged or worn improperly! Guaranteed ret
    Feel good.

  3. Feel very comfortable. Pretty goodNo real regret pretty ugly
    The same day on the day of the delivery of the goods, shoes are very warm!
    Wear a little fat
    Pick a big one
    Received the right size super like it
    Feel very comfortable. Pretty good

  4. Fu Yuanhui: I'm so happy. 2333 is...Nice, very comfortable, soft, see I bought a gioffi evaluation code is,

    Shoes received, really like the picture, look, and put on a good comfortable, really super praise

    White shoe super all-match very love, walking is very comfortable, I have to buy a good sister,????

    Size is very suitable for the first time to write a review of Taobao, but really good, very comfortable shoes,

    The shoe is received, very good-looking, sole is very soft, the colleague saw very much and began a pair

    Fu Yuanhui: I'm so happy. 2333 is really nice. It's comfortable to wear. Very light. Usually wear 36.37. This time I bought 37 of them. Pads can also be a pair of insoles. Praise. Express is awesome!

  5. Yes, it's nice and warmIt's too heavy,
    Good style,
    The soles are so soft and comfortable
    The soles are so soft and comfortable
    Good quality, it is worth buying, the next time to patronize
    Yes, it's nice and warm

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