1. The style is very novel, work is...The quality is very good, the work is smooth, no strings, no color objects and pictures. Packaging simple, tight, much cheaper than the counter, feeling very cost-effective. Fabulous
    The clothes are very beautiful, the quality is very good, today, I have a good look at my colleagues, there is no color difference, intends to buy another color.
    Clothing materials work well, comfortable to wear is also very fit, the overall good, very satisfied
    Good quality clothes. Reasonable price, upper body effect is very good, kind with the picture, no color, like
    Very beautiful clothes, good quality, just wear the size of the right, no color, satisfaction.
    The style is very novel, work is also good, the fabric is very good, and the description of the same color.

  2. Bought a few, like the pro quickly...Winter to buy a skirt, in general, the fabric is not bad, wrinkles and then a little more texture
    Very texture. Much better than expected. There is a sense of sag! Full marks

    My 160 dress is just the right length. Good quality wear good friends say.
    The color is good only show waist thick waist thick … waist thick must be careful what quality is good
    Good fairy skirt, like, is what I want. Yesterday to buy today, the courier quickly,

    Bought a few, like the pro quickly start

  3. Better quality than expected...Not bad! Cheap! Dressed up in literature

    Skirt received, very good-looking! The fabric is also very good, autumn wear just, length is also like

    It is very nice to look at the cloth very comfortable to start with the price

    The skirt is pretty good, the quality is also good, just put on a bit pregnant women loaded, and then a taut good wind, with a white shirt, winter can wear
    After receiving the material not found Yiyi I love, thick and heavy, not very happy. Regret to buy ah, no day.

    Better quality than expected quality, with a white shirt should look good!

  4. Skirt quality is very good color...Good fun
    Super easy to ride like ah ha ha ha

    Super easy to ride like ah ha ha ha

    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    Not bad, the quality is good, put on a very significant figure
    Skirt quality is very good color is also good to see the fabric quality or style is very handsome and fast and good delivery

  5. The goods are not good, no, I...Do not look good, but also dyeing
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Hair removal quite powerful
    Hair removal quite powerful
    15 days buyers did not evaluate
    The goods are not good, no, I didn't have time to travel to return, businesses won't even speak to me. Unscrupulous businessmen, really the first time! Here you are!

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