1. A little tasteCall me a courier fee, too bad, too bad. Absolutely no next time. ?????
    Daughter quite satisfied
    Can also look
    Shoes can also
    These shoes are pretty good, is my favorite type, version is also good, the only problem is that I bought a large number, but this is my own big shot a yard, it is worth to buy oh,

    A little taste

  2. Shoes are very beautiful, like the...Shoes are good, but not express, service attitude is not good

    Wear very beautiful, the students say good-looking, quality should also be
    Good soft and very strong wear well worth this price is determined from love
    Praise! High cost performance!

    Estimated to be fat feet, wearing a little tight. But the version is good. Recommended foot fat wear a big yard
    Shoes are very beautiful, like the picture, there is no color Oh, really good

  3. Good layoutComfortable, and bought a pair!
    Good quality
    Good quality, relatively warm
    Receipt of shoes, very good, a little episode, but the seller is very good, wearing a warm winter.
    These days, so only to comment on the shoes received, wearing very comfortable, especially thick. Very satisfied
    Good layout

  4. Not a bit of logistics is too slowOkay, next time you buy
    It's comfortable to wear, like I thought
    It's comfortable to wear, like I thought
    The seller is very enthusiastic, logistics quickly, look like
    Pro can be good to wear
    Not a bit of logistics is too slow

  5. I like these shoes very much,Should also be able to buy my wife, I pay the complex, as if to buy a few times
    Shoes look good, logistics can also,
    My mother likes it very much Thanks
    Shoes color is shallow, looked a bit monotonous, and a little bit heavy taste! But it should be! Let's wait and see

    It's like a description. It's not worn, but it must be good
    I like these shoes very much,

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