1. Normal, tasteless, like the...Fitness will have to buy medical quality, good elasticity, not taste!
    This brand is very good, for the first time, good viscosity, permeability. Come here next time.
    When used for children to buy sports, medical no smell, rest assured!
    The viscosity and elasticity are very good, also very breathable.
    Normal, tasteless, like the hospital, great!
    Normal, tasteless, like the hospital, great!

  2. Good a little cool taste goodVery good look good value for money.

    In his house to buy this kind of table cloth, very good use, the price is cheap, ha ha! I wish the store Business Flourishes, linfe!

    5 dollars of quality super good, you will receive the evaluation, the following is a non slip of the sponge, like a good Austrian, no matter how the shop, the money is worth: good again
    Baby received, the third purchase! Needless to say oh! ?????

    It's pretty. There's a little episode in the middle! Seller timely solution! Good service attitude!

    Good a little cool taste good

  3. Baby good quality is worth buyingOne dollar to buy such a hanger relatively satisfactory
    After all, cheap, or only small light clothes
    Very good product, the next will come again, business is booming!
    It's no use. The clothes are a little too narrow
    Clothes hanger is very good, suitable for children!
    Baby good quality is worth buying

  4. The quality of the box is very...The quality is good, the thing is not bad. Is much smaller than expected!
    The box is of good quality and the color is very nice
    There is a dent in the middle, customer service is like this, did not tell me clearly
    The quality is very good, but the case of the bra can not put a little bit of the feeling that the grid is not bad.
    A lot of time to do not know how much can be put into a number of personal clothing ~ quality is very good
    The quality of the box is very good, that is, it is too small for the underwear

  5. The quality is very goodVery good, with the first
    Very good, very practical
    Good, easy to use
    Very good, practical
    Very good quality?
    The quality is very good

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