1. The cup is good, the size is just...Quite fit, we have to say good.
    Good things... Tolerable!!!
    Well, there's a little gift
    I'm sorry this shopping did not kiss kiss as satisfaction, if you have any problems to the customer service, we will give satisfactory results Pro treatment, this kind of glass is glass, glass is fragile Oh, mini glass is not a cup of proper, but we have t
    Differential evaluation! Just, transparent cover cup cover above has fallen off, not strong, not easy to break the glass cup,,,,,,
    The cup is good, the size is just right, the friend is very satisfied!

  2. These couples dress very western...Very good clothes long paragraph is also a simple sunscreen is very easy to wear at the beach recommended

    Overall good, the upper body is very handsome, the effect should be good to take pictures. 170124 pounds M code just.

    Comparison of a few, or feel a point of the price of goods, to rely on it in Thailand!

    First time on the Internet to buy swimwear. Bought two sets. Quality, good workmanship. Dress fit! Sellers of a good service attitude, fast delivery. Satisfied!

    Economical type

    These couples dress very western style ~

  3. The number of good quality...Excellent。 Good color and good quality. Like, next time will buy
    Color style is also good delivery speed is also expensive point
    Feeling pretty good, between the swimsuit fabric and the fabric between the ordinary touch
    Because he didn't listen to a store to buy pants, a little big, want to change it too late, big big point, fabric is good, or love.
    The pattern of the trousers is very beautiful.
    The number of good quality recommended code is also appropriate

  4. Okay, just like that.Rubbish
    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    The goods have been received, not to wear, give a good first.
    Very appropriate, very good quality
    Okay, just like that.

  5. The National Day is also. The leg...Can only say half
    Can only say half
    15 days buyers did not evaluate
    Two shopping, the quality can be! But the seller made a mistake, too lazy to change back and forth!
    The price is very cheap, the quality is very good, a little bit small!
    The National Day is also. The leg is too small

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