1. Her mother is very satisfied ha ha...Color white not resistant to dirty.
    Good cleaning
    Second buy awesome
    Relatives to shoot, should be good, right?!
    Very good look at the logistics to buy a good quality
    Her mother is very satisfied ha ha ha

  2. I want the following can be linked...Generally, especially the customer service is difficult to speak, a little pull ah
    Very good to buy, pro action!
    Not before the size of the other big buy good
    Two times the purchase of good quality!
    Double eleven to buy, very cheap. Praise
    I want the following can be linked to the trousers buckle, baby no

  3. Things are very good size fit...Well, there are a lot of scratches, but does not affect the use of
    The other is good is not imagined so big
    The case is strong
    The case is strong
    Size fits right
    Things are very good size fit clothes

  4. Super cost-effective, carrying...The baby is very good, the baby's clothes have the right clothes hanging, just opened up to use up
    Clothes hanger received, very satisfied, the baby's clothes can finally be neat!
    Cheap, quality is OK, not too thick clothes can be used in general.
    6 hanger is very good, that is, the package is too bad, with a courier bag,
    Engage in activities to buy a lot of baby after all do not have to buy a hanger, very good?
    Super cost-effective, carrying quality, very practical, scalable, very satisfied with 5 points

  5. The goods have been received, very...Very beautiful, is to open a little taste, do not know if there is no taste,
    It's a little bit too small
    Color is heavy, very ugly
    Something big, but it's not bad
    Good appearance and good quality, rest assured to buy it
    The goods have been received, very satisfied, five points, very good, continue to focus on.....

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