1. Pants okay, the material is not...Okay, ', thick
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Buy friends
    The thickness can be quite long and very wide color pictures (???) *:???? (- - -) a booming ha ha people? Man? Man? Man? Man? Man? Man? , people
    Especially beautiful pants, good quality, thin version, all-match, suitable for autumn and winter wear.
    Pants okay, the material is not good imagination

  2. This user does not fill in the...Scarf is very good, no color, very comfortable, fast delivery speed.
    Big love
    The company has cargo receipt of goods, but the goods are not shipped to Hongkong ~ fast delivery praise!
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

  3. Not yet worn, but the quality can...This is a moderate version, you need a thick section, please contact customer service. The store has a lot of thick products oh
    Very general, a little too thin
    Received, but the collar clothes dirty, the price.
    Two purchase!! The quality of leverage!! Pretty good! Like!!
    Well, the collar is a little weird and a little bit valgus
    Not yet worn, but the quality can touch, very good.

  4. Clothes received, really good, so...It's too low, but it looks good
    Good quality clothes! It feels very comfortable! Courier to a bad comment! Too bad attitude!
    Pretty good,

    Pretty good,

    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Clothes received, really good, so cheap to get the price, very value!

  5. The material is very comfortable,...The quality is good, before comparing a few stores, and finally decided to buy here, not disappointing, like

    Too satisfied the quality is very good in her store is to buy a lot of clothes in particular satisfaction

    Feel shy, always forget to confirm the payment, a nice dress, the quality is very good, not a thread, no taste, very beautiful dress
    Not the kind of cotton, not love this material, put on a little, but what the work is all right.
    Baby love, husband said very good, a very satisfactory shopping, thank the store customer service people

    The material is very comfortable, very love, and the same picture, and never wear, this time the weather is not very good, and buy early,???

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