1. Don't say anything about hopeLogistics the next day to customer service is also very good
    15 minutes to complete the installation, very appropriate, the brake effect is also very good!

    Something good, unfortunately the seller did not send a gadget with the disc, that seems to be what a star, never seen such a screw
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

    Not installed to look good
    Don't say anything about hope

  2. Delivery is very fast, very...Slow Logistics
    Slow Logistics
    15 days buyers did not evaluate
    Bought a few batches, things really good, no noise is also easy to push up, the seller is good service, recommended!
    High cost, it is worth starting
    Delivery is very fast, very satisfied.

  3. As soon as I receive it, I don't...Logistics is a bit slow, not imagine the kind of soft mat, direct buy slip, I Wuyang Honda difficult to install, the opposite side of the plastic seat wear off to put in
    Good quality, can be loaded with the baby to play around, convenient and practical.
    Cheap and practical does not account for the place, that is, the little daughter sitting easily hit the head
    Has been installed, but the feeling is not stable
    The stool is not good installation, also feel support was not strong enough, the dotty feeling
    As soon as I receive it, I don't have to stand on my lap.

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