1. Sweater is very comfortable.To my mother, she likes, she 164 pounds, very suitable for her, she really likes, thank you Shan Shan

    To my mother, she likes, she 164 pounds, very suitable for her, she really likes, thank you Shan Shan

    Very nice, very soft
    There's a head out
    S code why so big
    Sweater is very comfortable.

  2. Pants are very soft and thick,...Buy to wear at home, good wear in the dormitory, dressed in pajamas outside is very appropriate, thick and warm, closing up the design!
    Very good, thick, like the pants, ready to start a.
    Too much value, too good, it is too cost-effective, and later will patronize, to the boss of 5 points.

    Proposed purchase! Pretty good。 The height of the words to wear a little short, I m seven a short dress, but very comfortable to wear
    Pants outside the cotton thin velvet, comfortable and warm, blue jeans look good
    Pants are very soft and thick, wearing a very comfortable, but also want to buy one, the price is very high, it is worth buying.

  3. Poor attitude. The crotch hole,...With the point of view is not the same, the size of the height and weight are sent in the past, returned to send out such a pair of pants, it is too bad. Do not believe in.
    The quality of the trousers is very good, and it is very warm and comfortable! Praise!
    Get your pants, good quality thick and warm, but a bit slow a week before, why double 11 can be understood. Stars still give praise
    Hey, I can only say that no good cheap goods, just wear just off the line
    Very comfortable to wear pants and buy cashmere would recommend buying a bigger yards with Oh (like ε person).
    Poor attitude. The crotch hole, wrong color, small size, no wear, also refused to refund.

  4. Very well.Service is very good, courier is also very fast, very satisfied with the pants are also good...
    Yes, next time
    Yes, next time
    Fast delivery, good products, considerate service, the shopkeeper very good quality buyers recommend you buy,
    Good quality, express a little slower!
    Very well.

  5. Quality is good, it is recommended!Very good, very satisfied. The size of the appropriate style fashionable
    The store is very good, very enthusiastic, baby quality is also very good
    The quality is good, it is worth buying.
    Fine, very thick
    Super love _
    Quality is good, it is recommended!

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