1. Logistics is very fast, good...Quality is very good, cost-effective, and service is good, look forward to the next cooperation.
    To the mother's store to buy, very satisfied! Good shape
    The quality is very good, the next time will patronize.
    The quality is very good, logistics speed is very fast, will buy
    The chassis is heavy enough! very good
    Logistics is very fast, good quality, model jacket, I feel very beautiful, thank you for the seller's service

  2. Fortunately, the seller helped me...Very good move to wait for the exhibition!

    Baby very good very good, next time will patronize

    Baby are good, the seller is also good

    Quality can also, the model is quite high, relatively bright white. Transportation is not bad.
    Good quality, suitable for cashmere coat, the base is a good square
    Fortunately, the seller helped me to solve a small problem! Like a n

  3. Than ever beforeIs not as big as I thought
    Sent home, it should be pretty good
    Very easy to use, and the same as before.
    Sent home, it should be pretty good
    The second time to buy. Good use
    Than ever before

  4. The packing is very carefully, not...Packaging particularly tight, northeast snow days cold fear to break, don't worry about this, the seller is the jar jar of good quality and smooth, the thickness is enough, this is exactly the right size, can pull, express too fast, can not wait to pull.

    Packaging is not afraid to fight, it is the size of the tank 5, also did not say that the beginning of a large amount of ruler to buy, not so big! Four can also, No. three on the small!

    The ignition rod super slow and does not update the logistics information to send a good actually instead not to let myself get replacement tweezers Oh jar above have a scratch jar where the uneven use of cotton

    The quality is super good, and beauty care products in the wholesale store than it is not inferior, packing a lot, that the boss is very hard, but the boss gave little alcohol fire tweezers and point figure, so good

    A little big, or 3 feel better, useless, but look at the packaging is very good, I think it will be broken, no inspection, can be quite thick, it is worth buying.

    The packing is very carefully, not a broken, cupping quality is impeccable, always!

  5. Very good, likeFortunately, a little thin, small expensive, look good
    In the cup, I have bought! Three friends! Too good to use! So good! Later will buy.
    Today, I found out when the lid was broken. Cup is thin.
    The quality is better than before. The glass is thick and strong
    Very beautiful cup, whether it is a cup or material are very good, inexpensive
    Very good, like

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