1. This is the 0.26 ultra-thin glass...Perfect fit, do not look expensive, my child to the mobile phone fell to the ground, broken screen film, not a little thing, second times to buy, look for the absolute!!
    My God ~ ~ really can not restrain the excitement of the heart, must be ten thousand good! The perfect film with my ancestral film technology of … … my mobile phone film foil moment bright, ha ha, is really love has never written a word so ma
    I don't know what's going on.?????
    This is the 0.26 ultra-thin glass ~ ~ careful use
    I don't know what's going on.?????
    This is the 0.26 ultra-thin glass ~ ~ careful use

  2. Very good, very beautiful and...Yes, we need to order I bought six very good

    2 days to buy goods on the bad, and this is not the old section of good

    Easy to use, cheap, convenient

    Very good, this is a satisfactory shopping, good quality,

    This has been used before, different brands, very good use

    Very good, very beautiful and practical, suitable for home tea, convenient and affordable,

  3. Really good, bought a mobile phone...To tell the truth, it is not with the general effect very docile but not actually feel like a bubble. Barely praise!
    The edge of the arc fitting is very good, is in want of perfection hole position positioning
    Well, before buying two at home, did not use a few days on the split, this good, blue light a little reflection, but also OK bar,
    Every time I see the phone film would like to rub, is not clean, can not be used!!! Buy another brand later
    Packaging is very good, good quality?
    Really good, bought a mobile phone sets and tempered glass film, mobile phone shop owner said it was a good thing!

  4. The coat is very comfortable! Feel...Right, good
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    The clothes is very good, is a little flawed, to communicate with the seller is readily said to change, boyfriend trouble will not change
    Something good quality, will patronize
    Pretty good。 Inside with a sexy bikinis, good clothes to cover just happened to the length of ass, good ~ I 159cm, 92 pounds
    The coat is very comfortable! Feel good! That's where the price is

  5. These trousers are nice and...In general, the material is not good
    To go to the island to swim to buy, size and color are suitable, but it seems not breathable fabric.
    This pair of trousers is very good in color, that is, the cloth is good.
    Very fast, very good, thank you

    Good value for money, to go abroad, just, good quality, worthy of recommendation, super praise
    These trousers are nice and comfortable.

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