1. Purple film looked a little low,...Two cracks in the upper left corner

    The protective coating of the steel is very strong, the arc stick?? if the black edge can be a little smoother.
    Cell phone film is very beautiful, you can paste it, but also fit, very like
    Full screen film, workmanship is not very good
    In particular, is not good, very low, not right, not the film
    Purple film looked a little low, the quality is good, the size is right, but I posted bad

  2. As smart as a new pinNo touch, no use
    It can be used for some time to evaluate the really good thing is very practical and very affordable!
    It seems to be useless
    The arrival of the discovery of the cost is very high, are practical kitchen gadgets, very good love.
    You can also, it is the whole cup body appears slender, and if the bottom of the point is perfect!
    As smart as a new pin

  3. Very good qualityOK, regret not buy in Tmall
    Good-looking! Comfortable! Super love! Bang bang bang bang???!
    Good baby.
    Pro like
    Good quality
    Very good quality

  4. It is very comfortable to wear...Very cost-effective, I think the price is very low, the quality is also good, the key is really strong push shorts, shorts … generally said I looked long legs for HHH... I go out in the evening or night run to buy snacks

    Buy a big feeling quite relaxed but exercise leg what is very comfortable at home can also wear pajamas when well again

    I love the color of pants, but wide band too tight, a lot more than, in addition, a crotch Le, can design a more relaxed point.
    Pants is good, thick, washing does not fade, it is worth buying, customer service recommended code number is also very positive

    Don't wear wash not fade looks good give praise

    It is very comfortable to wear cotton to go out to buy their own words, the price can not buy this quality.

  5. The trousers are very goodGood quality oh
    The quality is very good, inexpensive,
    My stomach! My waist! Ah ah ah! Mad, I want to lose weight! Good quality ^_^ trousers but wearing a little temporary Le 555

    Miss you will regret
    Quick start,
    The trousers are very good

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