1. That's greatIs a piece of cloth
    Love stuff, fast delivery, logistics awesome, praise!
    The taste is too big, smelly
    Well, it's worth buying
    Very good, really good
    That's great

  2. Satisfied!The quality is not good
    Yes, the baby bottles, just
    As good as imagination
    It's big enough
    Very good, unity of the unit to buy

  3. Can also be less a screwOh, 20 yuan! Pro, let your friends in the online address which sent me, I have to buy, thank you, I ask you to help relatives, friends where to buy, how much how much I bought, 20 yuan more than our factory price, also lower than.
    Okay, just a little expensive, a friend bought only 20 dollars
    Pro, the size, in the product details inside to write clearly, as clear as noonday. You give me such a comment, you let me love why?
    More than imagined, the drawer can not put, can only put the cabinet
    Bigger than imagined, put the cabinet in the small grid just good. The underwear is not disorderly.
    Can also be less a screw

  4. Bought two sets, quite good, is to...Very good … … no plastic taste. The color of Meng Da love

    Bought a few, packaging is very good, the color is very tender, small items do not need to worry

    Buy a lot of things, divided into three boxes sent, because there is a delay in the delivery of the summit can not, but the overall situation is still good, cheap things easy to use, this is enough.
    Baby received, very thick, color is beautiful, bigger than imagined, no taste, very good, very like

    Things are received, but I confirm receipt, after slowly opened it was found that there is a broken er.

    Bought two sets, quite good, is to send the purple that broke a corner, may be the reason for the courier

  5. Something very heavy things get...Good quality is outside the utilization rate is low because of the push and pull will be stuck inside the high drawer

    Good quality is outside the utilization rate is low because of the push and pull will be stuck inside the high drawer

    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    The quality did not have to say, really good, especially good packaging no damage, particularly satisfied, speak again, the quality is really good ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ love

    Very good, no scratch, baby capacity is very large
    Something very heavy things get very convenient is relatively easy to leave fingerprints switch to control their own good or thunk.

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