1. This coat is really beautiful!...This coat is really affordable, that is, the weather can not be worn in Shenzhen, the winter in the south is certainly enough.
    A little bit, a penny of goods, but also good
    Thick and warm is a bit tied collar can use transparent glue a few more stick to collocation points within the turtleneck will ride more comfortable

    Thick, very love, but I order is large, but sent me a S code, very sad, but I belong to the thin girl, is pregnant, this coat can not buckle buttons to wear. Love the woman you can order, plus a final Dell, you make me sad, you must check the size before s

    Like the version of the ha ha ha ~ ~ feel quite tall on the ha ~ is also quite thick oh!!! Just feel a little above the collar Ariza ~ may wear in collar shirt will be a good point??? But still have to praise the quality of conscience!

    This coat is really beautiful! Classic color, style is also very good. It's a real bargain.

  2. Yes, wellThe clothes just got under the test. The weather is just a good praise. Wear dress wearing very soft. Good quality should be no pilling

    Quality is no words, really good, cost-effective. Call the recommended length is just good, but I wear too loose, the material is thin, winter wear may be too cold!

    The skirt is very flexible, very tight, but does not affect the walk, it will not look up!

    Very good, very like
    Very good, very like
    Yes, well

  3. Too bad! The number is not the...I am also very bad to feel shy but baby give me trouble to store my suggestion is m after I repeatedly confirmed repeatedly asked the store to determine M I can wear my order now to buy things back because I couldn't wear my side in the school to return th
    Very speechless! A hole in the dress!!! Find customer service is also ignored!!! Do not disturb
    Not good, not good, color is too large, dead, too ugly
    Poor, suspected of their customer service in the end there is no quality, consult the rationale ignore
    Poor, suspected of their customer service in the end there is no quality, consult the rationale ignore
    Too bad! The number is not the normal three plus a plus size. Ask them customer service, don't throw me! This attitude is no one! Difference difference!

  4. Texture is very good, but a little...Size just, very practical, color is very positive.

    Received, very good, and express soon
    Cute, small, gave a brooch, super cute
    Great big capacity! Open smoked!
    The quality is very good, is also very good looking, carrying hand size just good
    Texture is very good, but a little bit smaller than imagined!

  5. The clothes fit well. The store is...Clothes received, and now almost can be worn in the fall, not to buy Cotton clip, bought a matching shirt, very literary, version is also very good. Significantly thinner. Students say very good-looking, cost-effective

    The clothes are very nice, and they are very artistic. The quality of clothes is also very good, very like, the price is also very high, not bloated

    Nice ah, value for money, the price is very good, wear is art, not fluff Oh, classmates say good-looking, love is to order it, is a forest department.

    Quality is very good, the price is very high, bought a very good looking
    The quality is very good, the upper body effect is good, very comfortable
    The clothes fit well. The store is also very good service attitude. A satisfactory shopping

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