1. I don't know how many times I...The quality is very good size is also very cute packaging is also very good

    The package is very tight ah, praise
    I do not know what language to describe my love for this set of dishes, only every baby on the map

    Bought a few pieces, large collection. Something good, very beautiful, with pictures.

    Beautiful tableware with delicious food, the mood super praise.

    I don't know how many times I bought it. A circle of friends do not like too many people. And sellers have become good friends. Ten thousand recommendations.

  2. Ha ha ha, fish tank is the best of...Fish tank is good, small fish like.

    The overall feeling is very good, is this type of glass a bit thin bottle a little sharp not too smooth easy to scratch
    Good packaging. Super cost-effective. I don't think it's going to be great. The result is beyond my imagination. Thank you.

    What can … … logistics is too bad, … … yesterday to give me into a non-staple food store, … … today just call me in the past with … … and also take the express money … &hellip &hellip …
    Better than expected, shop family! The first time the hair is broken, and a reissue of my store!

    Ha ha ha, fish tank is the best of the cheapest are quite large. But the cylinder feels a little cut.

  3. Well, like the picture, color and...The quality is very good, the price is also cheap. Summer wear comfortable.
    The baby is very good, is made of cotton, with size standard! Buy one.
    Quality is very good, the size is appropriate, continue to buy two
    Affordable. Good cheap.
    Quality can be, color on the map, buy again!
    Well, like the picture, color and pattern. Very suitable to wear at home. Thin breathable

  4. Okay, a little big, too expensive.Pants are great, is what I want, ready to go to the seaside in winter is super cool, super handsome, the seller shipped quickly, it is worth buying!

    The quality is good, the color is more positive, looks more beautiful than the photo, yes, the price is a little expensive!
    Without water can see my cock, too sexy
    Without water can see my cock, too sexy
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Okay, a little big, too expensive.

  5. The quality is very good, just the...Grandpa is very good quality ^_^ love
    This is OK, do, praise
    It's really good
    It's really good
    Yes, is cotton, wear very comfortable at home.
    The quality is very good, just the size, but also have to return.

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