1. Well, I was wrong.The trousers are soft enough for the baby to wear
    The habit of praise, too thin, nine months baby couldn't wear.
    Pants stretch a lot of baby wear on the body is too beautiful, very repair legs, neighbors say good-looking! Particularly satisfied with a shopping! Style simple generous?
    Do not fade! Also quite soft! With salt water, also use laundry detergent to wash, do not fade
    Well, I was wrong.
    Well, I was wrong.

  2. Pants quality is very good,...Just in size
    Very beautiful,, a good seller
    It looks good. It's not wearing.
    Pants quality is very good, comfortable to wear, but also look at the quick start it.

  3. Quite satisfiedI bought it myself.
    Very cute pants, good quality
    Bought second times.. Love it
    Buy and stockpile
    Very good-looking
    Quite satisfied

  4. Quality is very good, fast...The trousers are very thick, my daughter likes it very much
    Yes, it's right.
    Kiss you a pair of your pants are not good to sell, not sell, give the poor. I tell you, you do not sell pants not think my pants are not good, but because of the high price of your wife, you know?? You sell the expensive, is you can not sell the fatal rea
    Back to the picture too much difference.
    Version of thin, but looks very good
    Quality is very good, fast delivery!

  5. The trousers fade, wear,The baby is very comfortable, the color is good, specially likes, next time comes
    The quality of the affordable price, feeling slightly a little, should a waist, not docile.
    Received a quick test of the pants, but also good, ready to buy a friend tomorrow
    Pants really good, ah, when you can not afford to buy a small, good quality is worth buying price
    A pair of trousers, a very good value for money, the size is right
    The trousers fade, wear,

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