1. After the test has been received...It can be, the size of the right, there is no picture good-looking
    Is not love, especially the sole hard, feel uncomfortable!
    Nice shoes! My feet are a bit crowded, huh, huh?
    Have you got the shoes, the size is just right, and they're comfortable?
    Feeling too small Oh, but the price to buy value, to praise
    After the test has been received feel very good, the price is also very cheap delivery and delivery are very fast, I hope there will be opportunities for cooperation.

  2. Shoes received, the cortex is...Brand shoes is reassuring, Dad, I praise the strength of it, thank you for the timely delivery of the seller.
    Brand shoes is reassuring, Dad, I praise the strength of it, thank you for the timely delivery of the seller.
    The quality is very good, look at the grade is also comfortable to wear! Dad likes it, it's a great shopping!!
    The shoes received, did not expect such a good quality, good style, good praise
    Wear this looks very good, very comfortable to wear, the size is appropriate, customer service attitude is also very good! Come here next time.
    Shoes received, the cortex is good, work is also good, size is also appropriate, the seller is also very good service attitude.

  3. The boss is very nice! Hair hair...Good quality, but a little expensive courier

    That's great. It's beautiful. I love it

    Late store decoration good photo ah! Very niceļ¼
    Good things are very satisfied that the distribution is not careful enough, lack of East and West, I hope the next purchase will not be the case?
    The store also props good, very good talk props base is broken, the boss of a direct replacement. Trade or replace the glass with stainless steel.
    The boss is very nice! Hair hair wrong directly to me! Next time will come! Model is also very good

  4. Good Dongdong, very good useVery fashionable, work is also good, very good
    The quality is good, and the second time.
    Very satisfied with the good quality, good workmanship
    Good quality fast, boss or
    The model is quite good
    Good Dongdong, very good use

  5. Bought a few times, very goodClothes received, put on a very appropriate, good.
    Very beautiful, very satisfied, there will be a need to come back
    In addition to a lot of flavor, are good. The inside of the rubber smell really is too big

    Not bad, I can make a lot of clothes hanging three-dimensional sense

    Good express also fast
    Bought a few times, very good

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