1. To my mother to buy, did not ask...Quite good very good very good

    Second times to buy, what a good goods. Love may not be a genuine goods at a fair price. I wish the boss business is booming!
    The second time to buy things. Still good

    Things are very good, my mother likes, suitable for the elderly in winter, it is recommended!
    The goods have been received, logistics is very fast, the seller is particularly good. What is bought for my grandmother, grandmother said very comfortable, the two cold wear felt warm, knees no longer cool. A very thick containing more than and 30 per cen
    To my mother to buy, did not ask after feeling

  2. Pretty good, quality OK.Very suitable for baby clothes
    Very cute clothes rack
    Plus one yuan to buy, the quality is good!!!
    “ good quality fast delivery ”
    That is a gift to buy three or not. Is a lie.
    Pretty good, quality OK.

  3. Day. Everything is great. Need to...Good, cheap, bought many things, is very satisfactory, which has a small thing, a damaged, contact the seller immediately after the refund, so have the good faith, the future will continue to patronize.
    Small and medium-sized too much, feel a little expensive
    Much larger than I thought, but very practical Oh
    Much larger than I thought, but very practical Oh
    Basically useless, put it in place
    Day. Everything is great. Need to come again.

  4. The quality is good, this kind of...There is a connection to the cover of the child, but then I have to connect, but also not satisfied.
    Trash is very good, very good workmanship, very thick, beautiful patterns, no smell.
    Very beautiful, good quality, durability, size is just good, very beautiful room
    Smaller than imagined, used to put the kitchen.
    Good quality, very thick! Pedal is flexible, very cost-effective
    The quality is good, this kind of style is simple and easy to use, it is also more convenient.

  5. Okay, is very wrinkledOkay it is to buy big
    The third purchase.
    Yes, not bad.
    Take the wrong color, is their own carelessness, blame others, but also not ugly, keep it, not to buy a.

    Good quality, bought fourth times
    Okay, is very wrinkled

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