1. Shoes received, feel the soles are...Got to buy shoes, Dad, wearing the right, good quality, especially the soft, comfortable shoes, packaging is also very good oh! Logistics speed is also recommended oh!
    The shoe is also good, relatively fit, the shoe uppers are relatively soft, to five points.
    Really good, give the husband bought a pair of feeling very good quality, wearing a very soft, gave my father bought a pair of good friends, love quickly!
    Shoes can also, the price is not high, just received the shoes a scratch, to change the callback businesses feel does not affect the appearance to bother, wear them feel better at the next visit

    The shoes are from Hunan, the first shoe last form thick leather is not good-looking, brightness is not enough, the sole injection molding polyurethane sole. Overall, the price is not high.

    Shoes received, feel the soles are not very good, but it is very light! In addition to remind everyone to put on the foot of the shoes will not be deformed before the beautiful, so careful consideration! Overall ok!

  2. Much better than imagined, send...Followed by a good addition
    Thank you very much, thank you for your boss.
    Cheat, too bad
    Very good 6666666666666666666666
    100 points do not have to say
    Much better than imagined, send gifts, thank you

  3. Good shoes look good qualityWhite shoes second pairs, but also good, is the skin, very soft

    The quality is better than expected, wearing comfortable, even socks and shoes, which is also a skin.

    Good shoes, have not seen a plastic, very comfortable to wear.

    Not bad

    Shoes are very soft, wearing comfortable, very all-match

    Good shoes look good quality

  4. Well, not longPut on a good comfortable Austrian, quite like
    Good shoes
    Buy big, keep it, shoes are good!
    Before the store bought a pair of brand white, then in several months, no plastic, good quality, and then this in my Taobao bought a pair of black, almost half the price cheaper than the mall? Love pro to buy
    May also be possible that the shoes are a bit too large always feel a bit flat
    Well, not long

  5. A little thinBeautiful, very good

    Send friends. No, she says it's good quality
    Well, here to buy a lot of shoes, and are very valuable!
    These are for my sister. He's not even dressed. I'll give him a second
    Drop badly
    A little thin

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