1. The quality and style of clothes...The baby has received, the quality is good, the design is good, the color is good, the price is inexpensive the material benefit, praise
    I bought it for my wife
    Not yet, it looks beautiful
    Yes, I've already bought it several times.
    Feel very soft, style is casual, not waist, clothes under the old run up.
    The quality and style of clothes can be, is that there are two needles of the front and back, with a crochet hook thread particularly is not very satisfactory,

  2. Baby received, the quality is...The quality is really good oh!
    The quality is good, the delivery speed is also very fast, praise!
    Received, good
    Good quality
    Clothes received, like! Packaging is very tight, no damage to come! Open a look, really described as like as two peas and sellers, the quality is very good, the color is very positive, it feels very comfortable, it looks very nice, all five-star praise!
    Baby received, the quality is really good. These two days rain just can use. Put on a beautiful dress

  3. Very good,Very happy shopping, want to buy the MM who quickly start
    The first bad to bad chicken clothes attitude is not good when I took over the M code L code and then turned out to be a little big for a few days back to the customer service attitude is not the clothes he kind of let people very unhappy do not know wheth

    Don't wear well, not good-looking clothes, but also depends on their own collocation and aesthetic over over

    Dressed to play, good! Afraid of the ball!
    Good clothes! The seller is careless I want XL boss hair L but still can wear! Will continue to patronize
    Very good,

  4. It be that way. Lining is the kind...Yiyi was thick and feels comfortable not that ball
    Very nice clothes! Feeling the material is good, very comfortable to wear the right size! Comfortable wear. Affordable, next time again!
    Pro, his eyes polished
    Pro, his eyes polished
    I put my clothes back to receive clothes, do not delay to give me a refund, asked several times with the past, black store
    It be that way. Lining is the kind of broken silk slip, but also hair loss, balloon.

  5. YY really very comfortable, just...Baby pretty good. That's what I'm wearing
    I had to wear clothes 168 * * sleeve is very long, the material is very comfortable
    Good clothes is a little bit strange hem I feel can barely
    A little thin but money OK
    Clothes are thin, transparent, but the quality is good, I hope not balloon.
    YY really very comfortable, just try it today, very loose and warm, so he started to buy second pieces

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