1. Table size or customer service, or...Beautiful patterns, a little taste
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Like the picture, very good
    The surface is waterproof
    The quality of general color gray
    Table size or customer service, or you do not get fit. Feel bad

  2. Buy friendsYes, the size would send back no scratches, a satisfactory shopping

    Capacity is very large, with the lock is also convenient, that is, the quality of the edge a little small
    The box is big enough, the quality is good enough!
    Things are good, the three time to buy, do express box is very practical, my colleagues asked me where to buy
    Bought several times, the quality is very good, can also be locked, praise
    Buy friends

  3. Good quality is absolutely awesome.Much smaller than I thought. Logistics is slow
    You can barely
    Good cup. The seller service is very enthusiastic, answer the
    Well, every rotten
    Well, not a bad one
    Good quality is absolutely awesome.

  4. The baby is very good-looking and...Yes, suitable for scattered items.
    Good quality! Is smaller than expected.. But still quite satisfied!
    Good quality, very beautiful, with a gold coin exchange, very value
    The thing is very good! Big love
    Appropriate size! Good quality.
    The baby is very good-looking and practical like?

  5. Cabinets are very good quality is...Open the female man mode, a small fashion, many parts are forced by hand tight, according to pain, but near misses, the quality was okay, but not so perfectly.
    Super praise. One of the most satisfied online shopping?

    Baby has been assembled, not bad

    Very beautiful, very like. Another one for mom.

    The two small drawers are very flexible, the big drawer is a little tight, and the quality is very good!
    Cabinets are very good quality is good?

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