1. The clothes are very good, very...Elastic, slim slim, no color, good logistics

    Wear thin, stylish, love don't hesitate

    The clothes are very beautiful, all-match, good quality, love MM speed start,

    Stretch, and then fat people can wear, but also thin

    The dress is the same as the picture. It fits well

    The clothes are very good, very personality, fashion, like

  2. This price, good qualityBeautiful clothes, beautiful mother said thank you
    Have bought second times, the quality is good, the price is cheap.
    Clothes have been received, the quality of clothes is very good, baby like, logistics soon.
    Color deviation, the number of large.
    The clothes are good, better than I thought.
    This price, good quality

  3. Friends recommended, you can also.The clothes are not good. They are too long to wash
    Very good wear, quality is good,
    The quality is very good
    The clothes are comfortable and super satisfied
    Bought three pieces. Levis. Pretty good。 Quality
    Friends recommended, you can also.

  4. There are more than 2 years in the...Received a black skirt, very thin, in front of the V machine with Oh, knitted fabric feels very comfortable, wear very slim, was tall, make skin goodbye, simple style atmosphere!! Very all-match, cool in some collocation jacket, love.

    Have to say, a very good value for money, clothes, 6 months pregnant, you can wear Oh, elastic force is very large, wear no pressure, but also thin, relatively soft material, when buying even smell, received a little taste is not very good recommendation!!

    Buy two, love this long V neck, clavicle, exposed just right and the collar is not too low. The length is just right, and thick clothes ah, transmountain particularly significant, significant single tall, wear it very high rate of absolute fall back.

    The quality is very good, and the seller described exactly the same, very satisfied,
    Baby received, good quality, beautiful color, soft fabric, standard size, size, wear comfortable, sellers of a good service attitude, awesome logistics, satisfaction and praise
    There are more than 2 years in the purchase, have been very satisfied, very good quality clothes, fine workmanship, no strings, no taste, upper body effect is very good, affordable price, delivery is also very fast, very satisfied with the shopping, will p

  5. I do not know the water quality is...Bang Bang Da quality, value! Upper body effect is thin

    Clothes received, this is the third I bought, the quality is really good

    The clothes received, very good, feeling very soft feel, should not the kind of pills! Also very comfortable to wear, five points
    Just wear a days to have a ball, other quality line, really should be a child to say good goods are not cheap, cheap goods is not good
    Just wear a days to have a ball, other quality line, really should be a child to say good goods are not cheap, cheap goods is not good
    I do not know the water quality is quite good, whether it will shrink? Whether the ball wear? Open no smell. ???

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