1. Do not like to wear tight proposal...Baby has been received, I am sorry to have been too busy to comment, talk about the quality of the baby bar is very good, it is also very attractive to wear, is the length of the I want, super like, the absolute five-star
    Baby, good quality, fashionable and generous, material leverage stick, affordable
    You are very good in quality, the fabric is soft and comfortable, no color, wear well, satisfaction
    The logistics company is awesome, at the same time the other hasn't arrived, this to the version of the figure is very significant, the fabric is soft anyway I feel very good, love to shoot it!
    Logistics packaging is very good oh baby soon no damage the seller also gave a small gift Oh no clothes to wear on the body odor Oh good friends said a shopping service attitude are the seller asked me to graft chain of inexpensive very happy oh well again
    Do not like to wear tight proposal to shoot a big yard, the other are good.

  2. A very rare skirt, sent two small...I bought three pieces back two pieces, the seller let me refund the difference, I immediately gave alipay. Two return of the horse sent out, no refund for half a month. Really is no language
    For good, wear white, good quality!
    I like it very much, and it's very nice. When I bought it in Thailand, it was a little flat. Overall very good.

    The goods arrived, I very love, good quality, the store gave a small comb, very comfortable to wear, without any discomfort,

    It's not pink, like orange. I don't know if it's me,
    A very rare skirt, sent two small comb

  3. The color is very nice fabric very...The quality of the clothes is very good, very comfortable, is a little big.
    Very soft, comfortable to wear.
    Pretty simple, wear a few times, no pilling
    Color has a nostalgic feeling. The material is very comfortable.
    The color is old and the texture is soft
    The color is very nice fabric very comfortable

  4. Buy clothes also satisfied, very...The quality of the clothes is very good and the seller's attitude is also very good
    Quality is very good, double eleven very cost-effective
    It's a little small
    The quality is very good, very satisfied, there will be a chance to come back.
    Second times to buy, very good. The material is very comfortable. No color difference.
    Buy clothes also satisfied, very comfortable to wear, good quality, logistics and quick service.

  5. Customer service attitude is very...Like the capacity is also very large and comfortable back

    For a long time, the package!! Super like back length is just right

    Well done! Easy to use!

    Too beautiful, ha ha ha..

    Nice looking

    Customer service attitude is very good!

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