1. Wear today! Out of the sun! The...The trousers are very thick which is full of plush, 158, weighs 96 pounds, I suggest if customer service s code, M code, tolerance point, I took M, my husband took my husband 3XL, 180, 130, right leg length is not fat, would also need to wear warm clothes,

    Pants received! Have bought five or six, very thick very warm! This is for the family to buy, no longer afraid of the cold winter, before buying to wear half a month, no pilling, good quality, a price of a goods, searched the same paragraph, quite a lot, d

    Pants quite good! I especially love, very comfortable to wear, it is very warm, but not fat, very slim, color is also love! High cost performance! When it's cold in winter, I can only wear one, and then I'll get the snow boots
    Twelve friends bought before, looked very thick, specially asked the seller, and whether the previous twelve quality, the seller replied affirmatively, said absolutely, the results to buy back especially thin, originally wanted to retire, but because met f
    The second time, the last time to buy a husband, he said very good to wear, comfortable and warm, this time to buy a trumpet to wear their own, very fit, and really warm!
    Wear today! Out of the sun! The heat is killing me! Trousers and clothes are indescribable! Because the quality is good! And just a body! Small! I'm 170! 100 jin! Wear on the body warm! So comfortable! I'm wearing a lot of ads with my colleagues! Also inte

  2. Very good next time it is really...Cotton fabric is oh

    Yes, very good, good quality, workmanship, fabrics are good
    Something good
    The trousers are very nice comfortable material I wear a nor cold

    Very good next time it is really pretty good hair size can not buy a lot of money is not a good conscience

  3. Good good good good good... Very...Very good value
    The trousers are comfortable. The
    Be worthy of the price
    Something very good
    Pants can also
    Good good good good good... Very satisfied。。 Come here next time.

  4. Quality is better than imagined....Younger brother wear small
    The trousers are a little short
    The quality is very good to buy worth recommending!
    To praise, very nice pants, even T-shirts, really worth!
    The whole thing is pretty good
    Quality is better than imagined. Well, I like it

  5. Very good, no color, satisfactionDid not think of a good, but ok.
    Good, worth starting
    Good attitude, good
    Five star
    Yes, it fits well
    Very good, no color, satisfaction

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