1. Can not wear, one day the pilling...Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    Baby received, very satisfied! And a small gift. The clothes are very beautiful.
    You have received very good quality, must give people praise
    The quality is very good, the design is beautiful, the color is good, does not fade, very satisfied, praise
    Can not wear, one day the pilling is too poor.
    Can not wear, one day the pilling is too poor.

  2. No buttons on the back of the...Because to go to the beach to play, specifically to buy clothes very beautiful, inexpensive
    The skirt is very beautiful, the quality is good, the seller's service is good, next time also patronize
    Baby is very beautiful, very like, with the picture basically the same, the owner of the service attitude is very good, to one hundred praise
    Put on the United States and the United States, like, no color difference, and the number of customer service recommended just good, very like.
    Especially like to buy two pieces, and a friend of a person, go to Sanya on holiday wear

    No buttons on the back of the dress.. A little depressed

  3. The quality is very goodGreat quality

    The size is too big, 1 meters of figure and 54 kilograms of body weight, the skirt is still long, big, big, and the size of the size of 60 meters
    It is very beautiful, very thin, sleeve is a big horn, intends to change the clothes to wear
    Super like?
    Super like?
    The quality is very good

  4. Good qualityVery beautiful dress, have a feast or wedding dress clothes are suitable for toast after the color is very positive, the quality is also very
    Beauty! Very fit, you want a sister can do reference.
    Super satisfied, that the color is not a good picture, I did not expect the color is very beautiful.
    The shopkeeper is really good, high quality and inexpensive.
    Very satisfied with the second shopping, the second time to buy a pair of skirts, like, thin and sexy, the quality is very good, very happy to wear a beautiful dress to travel, thank you,
    Good quality

  5. Vest is very beautiful, I want the...Look good

    Yiyi good quality wear nice temperament is the most relaxed belly is really not significant enough value too very satisfied

    Good-looking。 I've been hiding in my stomach for eight months.
    Baby quality styles is very good, but the color is not good-looking picture, looks very old, dusty but also very love.
    The quality of the clothes is very good, much cheaper than the physical store, upper body effect is good,
    Vest is very beautiful, I want the money, the next time you want to buy this home!

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