1. Can also, but can not wear the...Baby has received very much like the quality of a good review?
    The trousers are a little bigger
    Clothes stained with dust
    Clothes stained with dust
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Can also, but can not wear the feeling in the picture

  2. Wash n times no pilling.Service attitude is not good, slow delivery,
    Baby is good, the seller service is also very good
    Very thick, good
    The quality is good
    Praise! Very good, very warm
    Wash n times no pilling.

  3. Very good, thick, fat, comfortable...Very satisfied, wear comfortable clothes, add thick velvet, just
    Basically can also feel, a place where no pants sew left a mouth, it is estimated to let me see what quality inside the rubber band
    The quality is very good, his son is also suitable to wear, 1.83 meters to you for 230 pounds, fat man can not buy clothes, after his home.
    To the great nephew to buy, he said well dressed very comfortable, fat boy is not good to buy clothes, he love on the line.
    The size is right, thin, just wear
    Very good, thick, fat, comfortable to wear, and later will patronize

  4. The quality of the trousers is...Touch feel very good, and now fatter than before, bought the L number, also worried about the beginning, wearing a good, quite comfortable, as to how the face has not seen, did not have time to wait for the next look at the additional?
    Pants type is not good, a penny goods, and more than and 100 or a difference, not as good as I bought a good quality of the 69, habits
    Pants must be praised, the quality is really good, pure cotton, color is also very positive, the size is appropriate, the future will buy. I have a rope on my waist, so I don't have any pictures

    The clothes have been received and the quality is good.

    Very satisfied with the quality is also very good, it is worth buying, rest assured to buy it?

    The quality of the trousers is very good, the fabric feels comfortable, the size is suitable, likes very much, the five-star!

  5. Buy second, one is black, it is...The quality is very good, my mother said good-looking, it is worth buying.

    Good quality, great love.
    At the beginning, you can also look at it, but today a dress, it instantly disappointed … … you see what the problem?

    At the beginning, you can also look at it, but today a dress, it instantly disappointed … … you see what the problem?

    Baby can also wear the size is a little big, I wear the big 110 pounds! It's better to have a size code!
    Buy second, one is black, it is easy to stick the gray hair, buy, but are all code than the black point with wide, hair is not easy to see. But overall, the two are satisfied, it is important for me to keep warm, about ten degrees to wear this one is not c

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