1. He said the ticket give male is...Good feeling
    Is love? (????) bought the best cup of good and useful to cheaper simply for the benefit of mankind to function it has simple and practical do not fancy long after high temperature Straw good wash face hanging rings don't remove the lid anti scald proof co

    Good quality
    Good value for money
    High quality and inexpensive
    He said the ticket give male is good before the band bought this Straw cup and then add a yuan to send a cup cup send men ticket results some time ago by he accidentally broke it bought a two discount package is just winter plus nine yuan for a cup of good

  2. Okay, just a littleGood things, good quality, great love!
    Very good, a little plastic taste, cool soon lost.
    Something good. A lack of corner immediately gave a new service, bang bang da!
    Very good, take up very good looking, very love, bought six enough to buy, the quality is very good.
    Now a neat, be arranged in good order
    Okay, just a little

  3. When the underwear can also! We...Things have been received, feeling particularly good quality, to praise, the next will continue to buy.
    Second times to buy a little regret, but fortunately
    I bought two, very good, this time took four, there is a little flaw, does not affect the use, good quality, no taste


    When the underwear can also! We don't buy underwear, my small cup of underwear in the 4 Drawer simply pull on

  4. Really good, and boughtSeems to be a little softer than last time.
    Very good very strong! Recommend´╝ü
    Used, OK, five.
    Good anti slip effect
    Really good, and bought
    Really good, and bought

  5. Good, good! Praise! Wish business...Very good, very suitable.
    But it's very thin
    Fast speed
    Very good. It's not too hard
    Logistics is very fast, quality can also
    Good, good! Praise! Wish business is booming!

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