1. Yes, with a look at the level is...N times to buy this product, very good
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Dongdong good! Worth buying!
    Something good to buy a boss who is also a good buy second times
    very good
    Yes, with a look at the level is no longer additional comments

  2. Buy expensive, haven't looked okayPackaging is very good, also sealed
    Baby very good, very practical.
    Baby good five-star.
    Fast delivery, good things. Used to evaluate
    The quality is ok.
    Buy expensive, haven't looked okay

  3. The quality is very good!like
    Very beautiful
    Already bought four
    How big?
    Good logistics slightly slow
    The quality is very good!

  4. Fried chicken looks good, with the...Something good, that is, their own blind posted, in vain the film, the price can afford
    Very good seller before the first out of the question immediately fill second a very good film.
    The stores are good service attitude, the electrostatic foil may be used, only a small part is not sensitive. Everything else was fine.
    Very good, but a little difficult to paste
    Feel good, very good, almost has no influence on the touch screen, is home tempered, the disadvantage is that the screen pan grey and grid is obvious, after all, the middle is empty can be understood

    Fried chicken looks good, with the original screen you shake your phone will change color, really super good-looking, the edge is quite spiritual, the next time you want to buy.

  5. The boss doesn't pay any credit. I...Very delicate packaging is very good. Gave the cup brush. Excellent
    Like the lid

    To buy a friend, a friend said the baby is very good
    Pretty good
    Pretty good
    The boss doesn't pay any credit. I want to complain?

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