1. Good shoesNice shoes
    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    Good shoes!
    Nice shoes
    Good shoes
    Good shoes

  2. Shoes great, no color difference....The goods have been received, to see the shoes, very satisfied, well feeling pretty good. Said increased 7cm, the original pad pad, but very comfortable.
    Very good, the price can be.

    Shoes received, no taste, quality is very good, students see also want to buy
    A very good shoes, wear comfortable look good, we can try
    The store is very good-looking, good service, delivery is also very fast, even a pair of socks.

    Shoes great, no color difference. For students to buy, very satisfied. Wish business is booming

  3. Shoes are really great, to help...A good pair of shoes and beautiful like a quick start

    A good pair of shoes and beautiful like a quick start

    Very beautiful shoes are also very late in the dress is not wearing a big love, like to start it

    Shoes are often tired of the United States and the United States, the work is also very good, wearing a few weeks did not appear any problems, the students see that they look good, no matter what clothes can be taken, the price can buy such shoes really in

    The shoe tastes great, the seller is very intimate put a sachet on the inside. Shoes quality is good. The key is that the price is very cost-effective ah! Express to the speed is also very fast. Much better than I thought.

    Shoes are really great, to help students to buy, great, the price is really low to incredible, the quality is very good, inexpensive, value! Next time you come to buy!

  4. In general, a little long, the...The shoes are very good, we bought two pairs of small feet put on display
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    A good pair of shoes, customer service attitude is also very good, very happy shopping, like the pro can be bold orders.
    It's a little bit better
    It's pretty good. It's the back
    In general, a little long, the bottom without grinding

  5. This shoe is too small, 36 feet...Very like, very warm, suitable size, usually wear 37/38, bought a 37 cotton just, it seems small feet, is next to the white easy to rub dirty
    After 11 pairs to buy a pair of daughter, really super lightweight super warm, coincides with the dual 12 to start a pair of their own, really good

    The sole is a bit hard, falling down, alas, the version is not bad,
    In a few days, the sole is hollow, has penetrated the lattice, Luo feet … …
    This shoe is too small, 36 feet may have to wear a line of 38, it is recommended not to be fooled

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