1. Special good, beautiful, like!...Very good
    Beautiful, good quality
    Express mail 7 days this is too long
    Not bad, but also
    A little thin, okay
    Special good, beautiful, like! Muaļ¼

  2. Praise! The integrity of the shop,...Not used, look good yo
    Baby good
    Good intention to buy
    Fast delivery, the same thing is not missing, very good
    Well, &hellip, as well as the imagination.
    Praise! The integrity of the shop, customer service service is awesome

  3. Something good, that is, the white...Yes, very much
    Look very strong
    Very practical, business travel essential.
    Can also be good
    Seller attitude is very good
    Something good, that is, the white part of the rub dirty

  4. Yes, very satisfied.You can also, waist thin, very thick cloth,
    My height 165cm weight 138 XXXL in size businesses suggested that I can express the material of the clothes is awesome third days received
    Good quality, good service and good efficiency!
    Very good quality
    Baby received, very satisfied
    Yes, very satisfied.

  5. The clothes are very goodVery good. Good quality clothes.
    Clothes received very satisfied with the quality is also very good
    Baby very much like the quality is not that fast logistics
    Clothing size is appropriate, the quality is good, the boss is very polite, good service attitude. Logistics is also very fast.
    The clothes are very nice.
    The clothes are very good

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