1. Things received, very good, is...The trousers are very good, very tight, wearing a stylish
    It's a great time to shop and it's good to have the logistics!
    Pants type is very good, the price to buy such a value.
    Nephew with a very good match
    Things received, very good, is appropriate, comfortable to wear, will patronize!

  2. Pants can work, but the pants are...Things are really good. Exactly the same as the store. Good quality. Send socks. Like the fabric in the store. Very comfortable
    To help her boyfriend to buy, relatively thin, 174. 60Kg, buy the L code, a bit tight calf position, to give you a reference, I think it is no problem to buy a large code
    Good pants. Pretty good
    Yes, the husband put on the right size, good quality, quite like!
    The second time to buy a pair of trousers can be poured, but the material is a bit different from the imagination...
    Pants can work, but the pants are not very thick inside the hair is very smooth and fine

  3. The relative goods, I pay more...At the same time, bought two of a thin, and a fluffy, Zai Zai are love, is the first time to buy clothes for him, very suitable, good quality, price concessions, usually in the brand stores to buy the same quality should be more than and 100 yuan

    I really did not think so cheap to buy quality so good pants is really high quality and inexpensive XL take the results of her husband was wearing a little fat with customer service is readily transferred, the seller attitude is really super good sell Oh

    The trousers are of good quality, suitable for the elderly to wear, wear convenient, cotton, personal wear, feet design color is also sweet. Prompt delivery, door-to-door. Praise!

    Pants really good quality! Customer service is also particularly good! Express soon! Worth buying!
    Two years ago to buy a pile of cashmere, and later the child would like to do not add a velvet, but then had a holiday, so only a single year later, received or as always satisfied

    The relative goods, I pay more attention to the attitude of the business, the seller to the merchant service super good conscience,

  4. The trousers are nice, warm and...Good pants
    Nice clothes
    Nice pants
    Really really good, but also worried about the quality of the beginning, to get back and found that the seller is indeed the same, decisive and start a thin section.
    The quality is very good, very warm, the velvet is also very good
    The trousers are nice, warm and comfortable. Excellent

  5. Pants type is pretty good, pocket...This pair of trousers is very good very satisfied with this price can buy a very cost-effective style can also recommend friends to buy
    I am sorry now, really did not have to say, than I am in high quality and inexpensive, Anta to buy the 300 are good, the fabric is also very good, recommend a few days to buy a
    The trousers are very good, the quality of the lever, is love, is a little low crotch in want of perfection, the short legs …
    Pants fabric comfortable, warm, or next time
    The cloth is smooth and the quality is good,
    Pants type is pretty good, pocket zipper can put the wallet phone is particularly good!

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