1. Feel pretty goodQuality can also be where the wood is easy to draw out, buy a few have a bit of this problem. But the price and quality are much better than the others.
    Look at the effect

    Look at the effect

    Good quality, stylish clothes on models. Praise
    Feel pretty good

    Feel pretty good

  2. The goods are very good, that is,...Very nice! Very beautiful next time to buy a half of the body, the three-dimensional sense is not … has been very good-looking
    Unstable, hang up the wedding can not stand, not worth the money
    Good quality
    Good not cheap affordable look on the grade of winter clothes can also be hung with a lot of clothes look good model

    Pretty good。 Quite satisfied.

    The goods are very good, that is, logistics is too slag, a deep sense of powerlessness

  3. Received fortunatelyVery good, very stable legislation
    Baby has received, very good?
    Baby is still quite like, that is, slow logistics days
    Outside me home so much younger than

    The thing is very good,,,,
    Received fortunately

  4. Express soon, very good-lookingVery beautiful, very big, very like.
    Good quality!
    Good quality,
    Logistics is slow
    Good inner wall is thick enough weight stores service attitude is also very good although logistics slowly but to help check the courier
    Express soon, very good-looking

  5. Yes, I like to feel goodThe cup is very good, very love, good quality, the picture is very beautiful, very awesome express also will come again next time
    The baby is great and the cups and brushes are great
    La la la la la la la la... To help students to buy, good quality! ?????
    A love shopping is the cup delivery is also very fast very satisfied
    Almost, after all, a price of goods
    Yes, I like to feel good

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