1. The specialties of Yunnan new hope...The specialties of Yunnan new hope Australia Portland high comfort products Xuelan milk milk ml* post.

    Macao Portland high quality comfortable whole milk, sterilized milk, add vitamin E, maintain youthful vitality, improve the lipid metabolism, import milk cow from Outland, Victoria, taste more smooth, the whole 12 post.

  2. Yili milk genuine boxed milk fresh...Yili milk genuine boxed milk fresh date Golden pure milk * national shipping FCL

    You pro, because the milk liquid transportation is difficult, we have done the most safe packaging, please buyers must be in the presence of courier unpacking inspection before delivery, if damaged please refuse problems immediately after receipt of the response, the normal appearance of damage and other non quality problems, we will not pay compensation, not return oh!

  3. Authentic August new production...Authentic August new production Yili pure milk ml* box a box of Jiangsu Anhui bags of mail promotion special offer

    Yili pure milk bag genuine extremely mellow

  4. Egg bag net bag bag wholesale...Egg bag net bag bag wholesale shipping sweet potato plastic nylon net bag egg thick mesh bag

  5. White card head hanging hole...White card head hanging hole transparent bag OPP self adhesive plastic bag accessories packing bag

    Chuck is a white pearl film bag is transparent, use OPP material double-sided thick wire 6, at the top of a round hanging hole can be hung up display products. Bag size is full length full width (including white card head part) so the length of the title size minus the 3CM white position is the use of the length of the inside diameter. The opening of the bag is provided with a 2CM, and the adhesive part can be directly pasted and sealed to be convenient for use. Suitable for use in the packaging of fine sock accessories.

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