1. Buy mother, mother's love, good...The trousers are very good and cheap.
    Before he bought a bar, but also to help his roommate bought a. Good quality
    Bang Bang Da! Better than imagined! Seller attitude is very good! Very satisfied! Logistics is awesome!
    Good pants, bought three
    Good packaging is also very good store fast delivery service attitude is very good.
    Buy mother, mother's love, good quality, logistics awesome love.

  2. Very good, feeling is genuine,...Very easy to use to buy many times
    Old customer! The overall assessment of 5 points
    As always fast, not good
    Has been in good use
    Very good, feeling is genuine, praise

  3. Gogo magic is not easy to use,...It is the fifth time to buy, the United States and the United States and the United States to buy cheap cheap clothes Oh
    The diapers with good, bought three times, the next will also visit o.
    Is the N purchase or as good as the next to the store to Business Flourishes
    Oh good
    Gave a lot of tablets, and diaper buckles, really good, and soft, and no leakage, good
    Gogo magic is not easy to use, just open a bag of a few can not be used, Speechless.

  4. Very cute, the store gave a good.Good comfortable skin girl heart
    It's beautiful, and it's really pure cotton.
    Good quality, feel good
    Feel comfortable, good style
    Very beautiful feeling very comfortable
    Very cute, the store gave a good.

  5. Independent packaging, goodGood underwear, good service attitude, logistics is also great!
    Good quality
    Wear uncomfortable. General bar,
    Do not fade, no trace of good cotton.
    Also, the elasticity is not too good
    Independent packaging, good

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