1. Praise!Praise!


  2. This pants is very good! Washed...My son is relatively strong, it is difficult to buy Jeans, see so much praise, try to buy two pants, really nice pants, very suitable material is thick, price is not expensive, then to the house for the son of underwear. To give a high praise
    Surprise, pants are very good, his son is also fit to wear.
    Very good, more relaxed than imagined, his son is not fat
    Yes, the model is a little small, the quality is very good.
    Gray is thinner than blue, the other is OK
    This pants is very good! Washed will not fade, size is just right, very love.

  3. Really good, the quality of...Very thick, winter just right
    Can also be cheaper
    Absolute good and cheap, recommended to buy
    Okay, don't wear a day off gear
    Feel good, Bang Bang Da put on the right.
    Really good, the quality of leverage

  4. I to buy baby trousers is very...It is very suitable to wear, this price can buy such a good pants, too value. Praise.

    Very well. Don't wear cold in winter. Will not fall out of color. Do you act quickly? Next time will come again. Praise.

    The trousers are very good, very thick, second times to buy, good, big love, inexpensive

    Baby received surprisingly good, my Andy dress just right, very good, a very satisfying online shopping

    The trousers are too happy, baby wear fits, color is also good, not bad, the price is affordable, good seller! Five-star praise, strongly recommend yo
    I to buy baby trousers is very good, so preferential wearing is also nice, not just to buy a downshift, can wear, good Oh, love to start.

  5. Nice pants, wearing the right,...Baby received, the quality is very good, logistics is very fast, the baby likes to wear very appropriate, it is worth buying, baby is also very thick,
    Washed, do not fade, really very satisfied!
    Washed, do not fade, really very satisfied!
    The trousers are very good, better than expected. Pants are loose! A little taste, should not wash. 1 meters to buy 110 a little long. You can wear them next year.
    The trousers are very thick and very beautiful, price or cheaper, logistics is also very fast, very close the shopkeeper gave two pairs of socks,
    Nice pants, wearing the right, after the new year will not wear, good value for money,

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