1. The clothes is too good, but last...Stained hair is particularly serious,

    Stained hair is particularly serious,

    58 dollars pants material value, even socks,
    The pants are really super thin and of good quality
    The trousers are pretty nice

    The clothes is too good, but last night wash did not fade Oh, very good

  2. Early in the morning to get...Just don't know what to wear for a long time will not play ball, a little worried, now looks particularly good, winter in Guangxi can be so thick, just right,
    The first time I feel a little Le Le, wearing a few times to feel better, thick, but for the individual is still a little cold, they are quite like things at home, I feel very cost-effective
    The quality of the price is pretty good, that is thick, but it really is a little thin back, but still can be
    That's OK! Not as thick, can only do the backing of spring and autumn wear. It will be cold in winter. The quality is OK! Or to the five-star bar!
    Early in the morning to get dressed, just like the normal wear, the results of a hole in the rotten, or in the lateral thigh position, speechless?

  3. Okay, just shoes will reveal a...Baby received a very good feeling, but also want a skin color, but no
    Goods to two days, just get back, looks pretty good, look forward to wear the effect

    This price is the value of the dress is comfortable, is a bit sticky, but no color
    It looks like your face is very thick, very soft, upper body effect must be very good.
    Very good, looks can look like a balloon to the quality of material, do not know will not
    Okay, just shoes will reveal a foot hole

  4. Baby received, very satisfied with...Show thin, good-looking. Is thin, suitable for autumn wear
    This is especially good leggings!!! Good wear and close fitting and not particularly tight, do not drop crotch, foot is also very comfortable not feet!! Praise!!!
    It is not the same as I imagined, although it is a velvet, but very thin ah! Single wear will be cold.
    Quality can also be a little thinner. Wearing thin
    Things are good, but not as thick as I thought!
    Baby received, very satisfied with the logistics, compared to imagination in some thin pants, I just wear now in the northeast, after a period of time is cool, but the quality of Bang Bang Da

  5. Bought two, very satisfiedYou are good
    Can still be
    Seller attitude is very good, very satisfied with the quality of pants
    I do not know whether the waist will be dyed, not washed.
    Baby received, very good! Praise!
    Bought two, very satisfied

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