1. Express too slow....Good boss
    Good attitude
    Very good, personal satisfaction
    Things are good, logistics quickly, yes, like a
    Very good, gave a replacement wheel
    Express too slow....

  2. Students likeVery good seller is said to be super enthusiastic stir bar sent did not send it without what good things worth everything
    Very fast logistics, very good, very good packaging, bottles look good. Gave agitator. Beholden。
    Satisfied! Sister, she likes it. Cup no smell
    Love the person quickly orders!
    Love the person quickly orders!
    Students like

  3. Super easy to use trash, put the...Very good, very satisfied
    Logistics is too slow, the first time to buy a good quality, the two time to buy a place where the paint off the two!
    Good picture color, hair is not the same, too lazy to retire. Habit
    I like it very much. It's very convenient! Need to come again!
    Quality is good, if necessary, will come again.
    Super easy to use trash, put the toilet just right. The lid is flexible. Satisfied。 Recommend。

  4. Things are also good customer...Very good things, but also very cheap, the things on the table are tidy
    Received today! Things are very good, there is no way to damage the courier, packaging is also very good, very satisfied, things have not been sorted out the above figure.
    Already in use, like

    Large capacity! Very good! Look at my dressing table will not be very messy! ??
    Super satisfied, get back to the child to grab the past, she is also particularly fond of going to buy her a. Good quality color
    Things are also good customer service is also a good friend asked me to link to buy a

  5. Pretty good! With goodThis user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Good quality, trustworthy
    Great utility
    One of the few clothes hook, several times during the double eleven communication failed, the omission is normal, to a hook is not worth the time and effort into communication, but that there is no follow-up follow-up service, this experience is not good,
    This time did not hold back, bought a lot, the seller is very good, to send a gift, the hanger is very strong, but the two have to extend their own installation, move the new home, just come in handy
    Pretty good! With good

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