1. Feel good!!Logistics is slow, the clothes are good
    Clothes received two days ago, on the whole, one point of the price of goods.
    The cloth is soft and comfortable
    The quality is good, the style and color are very much like
    To buy their own wear, but the color for her mother, gave her mother
    Feel good!!

  2. Will continue to support, that is,...That's great! Do you want to feel is that Meng hair white. And the delivery is as fast as lightning. Magic wand!

    Affordable, quality good, originally in the Sydney house to buy, or choose your home. Because of the price concessions Sydney home 190 of your dead? I do not know the same things as how so expensive.

    Very good like simple is not simple, the quality is also very good, taste is not big, also do not tie people, especially the sleeves of special soft

    The sleeve color and clothes of different colors, the sweater is windtight will open, but personally feel satisfied with the taste

    Good clothes! Wear warm. I can not cover the size of 168**?.

    Will continue to support, that is, each time the picture did not win

  3. Before buying a similar, to 130,...Good! See! Ah! Roommate is not love, it is a period of time and then come back to buy cold store collar. Loveļ¼ After the sweater was bought here
    163105 pounds L just relaxed type is not very soft nor hard kind of
    It's too thin and not too big
    It is worth buying, it is very easy to wear a thin thin ~ nothing inside with a shirt look good
    Sweater Pink partial deep orange, version is particularly good
    Before buying a similar, to 130, the quality is not good

  4. The quality is very good, very...There is no quality problem knitting very thick like
    The coat is thick. Inside the feeling of the dress is very thin, not worth 100

    Just get the clothes you can feel the weight is heavy, after really thick, stylish clothes, good texture, satisfactory!

    More than I want to thick, can the winter wear, will not lose to the coat, workmanship or no thread, very soft, very thin.

    The second time to buy the clothes of this shop, I feel pretty good, I like it, the weather is cold...

    The quality is very good, very thick

  5. Did not buy good, a lot of thin,...Pants super good, it is worth buying, not too cold in Xinjiang! Buy one for your parents
    Can also be thick enough, just opened the package stained with a lot of hair above, I hope that after washing no
    The trousers are very thick, they buy, and bought a husband!
    Very warm, has bought a few, and if the color is more beautiful and better, Hei hei (> _<)
    Super thick, wear is not very good (= = \ bloated at /)
    Did not buy good, a lot of thin, but also think the same, blue thin

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