1. Very good seller. Model is...Bought 2 times, combined with his home more expensive
    Wrong does not matter, what matters is not mistaken.
    Not worth the price, taste good weight, put the taste has been so long
    Good things, logistics quickly
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

    Very good seller. Model is beautiful

  2. Very good film. This is not enough...Paste also can not see, like
    Good glass film, it is easy to operate, paste, and not afraid of a sudden burst of glass.

    With good results, does not affect the light, there is a crease, clearly labeled!

    Can you see the film? Posted very bright! Packaging is also very good! Not a little squeeze! Send the film introduces tools and is suitable for me this time never posted a person!

    Very good film. This is not enough to buy next time to buy
    Very good film. This is not enough to buy next time to buy

  3. Kiss, Welcome light sail digital...Disposable sticky down, the corner is not sticky, miraculously failed … …
    Kiss the rose is not heartless we have questions about the product shop customer service first to say sorry you are free at any time can contact us oh shop support 7 days no reason to return service products have any flaws we checked are the Baopei nor wil
    Y90 anti - blue, steel film can not be perfect fit, and the effect of anti - Blue trash, is not recommended to buy
    Good service attitude.
    Received the goods.
    Kiss, Welcome light sail digital store experience, our commitment is to buy broken Baopei, with bad Baopei, kiss, if you receive the product is found to have any problems, please contact our customer service MM, we will do our best to help you solve the. Y

  4. I bought four, I feel goodCheap and good quality

    The cup is big enough beautiful enough
    The cup is big enough
    Especially reliable packaging does not damage the cup is beautiful very big love with a water bottle while a larger diameter than the general glass cup original wooden lid can barely cover very satisfied!

    Like! Very good ah good capacity
    I bought four, I feel good

  5. Good, very good, very goodEvaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    The product is very good Oh, the customer service attitude is not good, BES Huitong salesman, super is not satisfied, the attitude of the business, businesses should I give.
    Cup is very practical
    Things are very good, has been used, like, logistics is too slow
    Good, very good, very good
    Good, very good, very good

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