1. Baby is very good, quality is also...This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Very good, wash do not fade. Next time I'll be here. ?
    Logistics is very fast
    Not to wear, but also look at the quality
    It's beautiful, baby
    Baby is very good, quality is also very good.

  2. Underwear is pretty good-looking,...Clothes are of good quality can be significant close Furu are good after all to gather the packaging and ah do not see is the atmosphere packaging card package is the love
    Second times in the store to buy, just open the packaging, the product is very comfortable very texture, the price is very close to the people, also presented a small package, must be full five-star praise!
    The size of the right does not have the feeling is very comfortable to feel the quality of a good try on the thin section should not be deformed
    Bought two sets of underwear, there is no disappointment Oh, the material does not touch a lot worse than the brand. Bought a total of two sets of suitable size to gather the effect is very good.
    Baby received today, double eleven day shoot, logistics is very awesome! Besides the quality style, are very good! Gather effect is praise! Wear no restraint! Strongly recommend!
    Underwear is pretty good-looking, is uncomfortable, especially underwear! There are problems in private underwear cut pain not to itch again

  3. Very good information, like a!Very good, very fast delivery!!!
    Other people's home more than 35 templates, but also bring their own animation
    Fast ppt very beautiful
    Very fast and beautiful
    The boss is really impressive
    Very good information, like a!

  4. Template is very full, very...Good things, universal template.
    They are very patient and things are very full, will no longer have to find
    Just so so。 Slow to download.
    Good to solve the big problem
    Be arranged, very good!
    Template is very full, very beautiful! ~

  5. And before you can not buy the...Yes, second times to buy, the company unified travel wear, very cool
    The price is very high.
    Good! Size is too large
    The clothes are very good, the service is very patient, free to design a lot of versions of the design!
    Good buy second times
    And before you can not buy the shop to replace the information is too ordinary

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