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Chrome Hearts, the largest hand jewelry brand in the world, is one of the leading brands of handmade jewelry, from the early handmade silverware, handmade leather goods to gold, platinum, jewelry making and so on. Richard Stark, born in New York Utica in May 1960, originally worked as a building trainee in a construction company. The company also has another plate to do leather import business. Richard Stark gradually came into contact with the charm of leather, eventually abandoned the building and decided to switch to leather products industry. Because of the original interest in the locomotive, in a casual opportunity to cooperate with the locomotive brand Harley - Davidson, the United States came to the United States to meet the John Bauman of the leather industry, and the two people, together, began the cause of Harley's leather use. The two people constantly strive to carry out their own fashion ideas into one piece of products, and then know the carver LEONARD KAMHOUT. The three people are constantly exploring the next attempt to integrate silver in leather products, but there are many difficulties in the midway, so LEONARD KAMHOUT and Richard Stark visit the same silver ornaments. Carve Gabor Nagy, the most classic cross and flower of kroxon, because of the simple style of style, the heavy sense of gold and the proportion of the European and American fashion circles, from the custom silver to the custom leather goods, in the European and American fashion world set off a wave they called the "kroxin Dynasty"

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