1. Like it is the third time to buy...What do not say their own look to make the transfer does not turn to the middle of the road also sent the wrong place

    Pants out there is indeed a very old taste, after washing will fade, but the upper body effect is good, that is, I have to listen to the waist where the seller's words QAQ. It is good to change. There is a lining inside

    It's a good one. It's a little bit wide. It's changed

    Very retro is also very cute

    Every piece of inside is not wearing a leg price is also very affordable
    Like it is the third time to buy like like

  2. It feels comfortable and...Love is also very good material
    Merry Christmas

    Very comfortable, very appropriate, very satisfied, very warm, good, very good, satisfied!
    Clothes look good, not very thick.
    The heart will plug inside the ball.
    It feels comfortable and comfortable to wear. It's made of velvet and fits for the weather.

  3. Cheap, goodLike, good quality.
    You can also wash a little bit, it is recommended to shoot a big point, really good-looking
    Suitable size, suitable for work wear.
    Nice, cotton. Literary style.
    Buy is blue, the result is pink, look for customer service, customer service said to change it, and then call me refund return, re shoot, I said the freight it, customer service said there are freight insurance, the region is not the same as the payment is

    Cheap, good

  4. Good quality!Good quality
    The quality is very good
    Kind or very tall!

    Big love skirt, length color is very suitable.
    Good love with beautiful patterns! And a lot of bags!

    Good quality!

  5. Very good, just a little fluff,...Yes, loose version
    Washing shrink, shrink point can also wear, but shrink is long, short and wide, cry
    Washing shrink, shrink point can also wear, but shrink is long, short and wide, cry
    Summer wear just right, not suitable for the Northeast autumn and winter, I shot the black, a little floating color, do not know to wash second times also do not fall.
    Good quality! The material is also very good!
    Very good, just a little fluff, high-heeled shoes collocation is very nice

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