1. The trousers is too large, but the...Three times
    Yes, the seller is very good.
    Goods received! Just so so
    Good quality, no pilling. The key is very cheap, with hundreds of pants to buy no difference.

    Praise to the boss 100 praise
    The trousers is too large, but the material is very good to wear very comfortable, the seller has a good attitude, have to solve the problem quickly

  2. Value for money!Is it really black? And that's what makes people express
    Appropriate size, good quality
    I'm not wearing it
    Material is very comfortable
    The quality is good, is not elastic
    Value for money!

  3. It's very warmOllie is awesome, meaning, there is nothing wrong with the old iron shot.
    Buy for others. The second time to buy, the first time to buy big, sold to others, and re buy, others say it can be.
    Style and fabric can also
    The trousers are nice and warm!
    Baby has received very much like very satisfied with very much out of
    It's very warm

  4. Pants tried, a good force, I like,...Trouser quality is very good, the store is also very awesome express. The most satisfying shopping.
    The pattern is a little dirty, taste great
    Map objects exactly the same physical size is great.
    Pants are nice
    Good is a bit too large
    Pants tried, a good force, I like, but also very warm

  5. Baby surface cotton, feel...The size of the trousers is very thick, okay, just don't know it will fall down!

    The quality is very good, and the picture is same, the fabric is soft, has bought two baby to wear together, will also come

    It's big enough. It's made of velvet. It's very warm, but it's lined with broken places

    Fast delivery, yesterday received, daughter of 105 high, even small bought large, the wear too big, very stout, pants or very comfortable very warm

    On the day of delivery, logistics awesome, pants received a special color, no color, as like as two peas and images, soft and comfortable, thick and warm, twelve activities to buy, price, value. Recommended purchase.
    Baby surface cotton, feel comfortable, the key to wear light, a back on the water, the black is indeed fading

เส้นนี้ติดจองแล้วครับ ไหมทอง พรีเมี่ยมเกรด AAA ขนาด 15 มิล ใหญ่ๆ สวยๆ เกรดส่งออกญี่ปุ่น สีทองสด

เส้นนี้ติดจองแล้วครับ ไหมทอง พรีเมี่ยมเกรด AAA ขนาด 15 มิล ใหญ่ๆ สวยๆ เกรดส่งออกญี่ปุ่น สีทองสด

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