1. Buy s, may not think so thick, but...And the seller described exactly the same, very satisfied with the arrival speed is very fast, the goods intact, sent a very good attitude
    This coat is very good, put on the right, there is no color, workmanship details are very good. After a period of time can be dressed in the streets.
    Received a baby, logistics is very fast, the boss is also very good, patience to explain, very good quality clothes, I wear very pretty, I wish the boss business better and better!
    The clothes are very beautiful, very like
    For this price can buy the quality of the clothes, I can only say, that is: too much value! Much more than I imagined, quality, workmanship is very good, especially fast logistics, but also recommend friends to buy, very satisfied!

    Buy s, may not think so thick, but his body and a thick cotton padded jacket can, this is probably the characteristics of clothes, hair loss degree is in the acceptable range, is some floating hair. The overall feeling is very good, or quite like. Maybe th

  2. Pretty good.Thick clothes, feeling a bit heavy, as early as I know to buy a few of those

    The fabric is not very good, but the material is good, it is very warm, very thick
    Clothes received, almost like the physical. I like it so much。

    Very nice, like
    Pretty good.
    Pretty good.

  3. My roommate said very good,...The clothes is really very good, very beautiful to wear, the material is also very good, classmates say good-looking,
    The dress was too good, the quality is very good, a lot of contrast in this family decided to buy, the version is very good, the other to more than and 200, high quality and inexpensive, it is worth buying
    Very good clothes, but the recommended number of large, too loose. Because there is a delay so did not change, but the clothes are very good
    It is very nice, you want it, please start to love camouflage!
    My roommate said very good, recently to start a super love, always, Bang Bang Da
    My roommate said very good, recently to start a super love, always, Bang Bang Da

  4. The clothes are nice and...The price of this kind of clothes is also worth, not bad
    Clothes balloons, poor quality, the seller also said that I am unreasonable, do not solve the problem, pro do not be fooled
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

    See a lot of this coat, very good. Size is right. Continue to buy one

    Good service attitude, good quality
    The clothes are nice and comfortable! Size is also very appropriate, there is no error size! Upper body effect is very good, very old age, the fabric is also good

  5. Super love!Thin look good, more than just a little color.
    Dress is a bit loose, the quality is OK, style is not black enough, my black trousers is black, very good customer service, logistics is a bit slow
    A very wet dress, satisfied. The boss is very good attitude, to help choose the number, very patient, like a. Next time will come again.
    The clothes fit, the material is also very good, a shopping very satisfied.
    Before a friend bought a piece, I think the style is very good, they bought a try, I did not expect to wear a good feeling
    Super love!

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Because my parents are thee bomb pandorabracelet victoriasecret jewelry somuchmore

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