1. Good goodBuy second pairs of good
    Very soft, easy to wear.
    Good quality shoes wear comfortable
    Yes, very good, comfortable to wear
    Good quality, comfortable, worth buying
    Good good

  2. Very nice very satisfiedFeel shy, too late, for stores, shoes are really good, very few shopping evaluation, super love, have been used to evaluate the praise, this is true
    Especially good, whether the quality or style are particularly good
    Quite satisfied, is not too good at the end of the thick, but the effect is very good to wear out
    Good like
    Can also be comfortable
    Very nice very satisfied

  3. Things are generally poor...Really good ah! Alipay is now back, thank the seller.
    Really good ah! Alipay is now back, thank the seller.
    Shoes are very good, wearing a very comfortable Oh, ha ha, full score, one hundred points, I hope to return to my red envelope.

    Shoes quality is very good, work is also very fine, her husband likes.
    The shoes are comfortable to wear, the soles are soft, and they are not tired to walk
    Things are generally poor workmanship, the upper side of the glue are not genuine! Logistics soon!

  4. Dear baby has received this is my...Wear a few days, you can also
    Wear a few days, you can also
    Code number, very comfortable, not bad.
    The baby is really good, I like it

    The baby is really good, I like it

    Dear baby has received this is my third shots taken from your home this summer

  5. The shoes are nice and the feet...No shoes color, with the picture almost, but shoes are a bit tight, and a little foot heel.
    The shoes are nice and nice to wear. They are so cheap and good quality

    Shoes are very good, and the picture is the same, but it is a little bit, I usually wear 37 shoes to buy the 38

    Ultra fast logistics drops, shoes no color, style is good, but it is to buy a small pinch feet, but does not affect my love for it, get dressed in the classroom, it is now too late to evaluate. Buy next time.

    Baby is very beautiful and very perfect logistics fast service is very comfortable to wear your feet like a friend to buy

    The shoes are nice and the feet are nice. My roommate has asked me if I want to have a link

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ChromeHearts ChromeHeartsring 크롬하츠청담

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