1. Although the price is a bit high,...Very good is a little long
    Must be really good praise
    The trousers are very good. Seller's attitude is very good. The value of the price
    I haven't worn it yet
    Baby is very nice
    Although the price is a bit high, but the quality, feel good, but also good-looking. Will come next time.

  2. My daughter, 92cm, is a little bit...The trousers are very good. We bought 112 of the 130 just a little longer
    The trousers are very comfortable, the baby likes very much, has bought two, next time must also choose your family?
    Yes, my daughter is fat
    The pants are very nice
    The pants material is very good, beautiful pants,
    My daughter, 92cm, is a little bit too small

  3. High quality and inexpensiveGood is very good … is too big
    Quality is very good
    Baby received, very like! The style is very, very tight packing, cheaper than the physical store, the quality is very good, very satisfied, next time will come again!!!
    Very good, very satisfied.
    Very good, very like
    High quality and inexpensive

  4. Value for money! Top shopkeeper!...The quality is very good, washed for a while, does not lose the wool
    Leggings look very good, not to wear, it is worth buying
    Different from the imagination
    Like ash
    Bad, sticky hair
    Value for money! Top shopkeeper! Six hundred and sixty-six

  5. Thank you give me the size of the...Quality is very good, want to buy pro, rest assured to buy.
    Pants can also, just the size.
    Really is a very good online shopping, satisfaction, will come back!
    The feeling is not high waisted, other.
    The clothes are very nice. They bought second pieces
    Thank you give me the size of the store, the trousers are very good love

ChromeHearts ChromeHeartsring 크롬하츠청담

ChromeHearts ChromeHeartsring 크롬하츠청담

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